The Beautiful and Talented Regina King Covers Essence Magazine

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She’s been makin’ moves in this the entertainment buisness for almost 30 years now, from acting to epic voice-overs (She plays BOTH Huey and Riley in the hit cartoon The Boondocks. This month, Regina King sits with Essence to talk about her personal life.

“Malcolm and I have a lot in common… we’ve both been child actors and were also blessed to be raised by incredible mothers who instilled good values in us. Things are maturing nicely…” –Regina King

Twenty-six years after she first charmed us on “227,” Hollywood “go-to girl” Regina King still knows how to play it right. Here, she talks to ESSENCE about having what really matters — a successful career, her commitment to raising her 15-year-old son, and a romance with fellow actor and “Cosby Show” alum Malcolm-Jamal Warner. See how she’s living a full life on her own terms…

Play on playa. Nothing but love for you over on this side.


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  • hotta than a lotta

    loves her!

  • hot yt boy Brad

    She is very Beautiful…I have always crushed on that woman.

  • Dottie

    I love Regina and will actually pick up this copy – I don’t buy Essence like I used to. And I’m glad to see they have someone new on the cover and not the same five people in rotation.

  • Niasia

    Love her! WERK girl!! Can’t wait for Southland!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    love her and i’m happy for her and malcolm…even though i’m jealous!!

  • Nana

    Those eyes…Very piercing, am loving them!

  • 806bayougirl

    She is such a beautiful person & seems to be soo cool.. i’m very happy for her and Malcolm as well..he turned out to be a major cutie..

  • get em paid!

    That sista always represents! That sista always “gets paid”!

  • juliemango

    Nice cover its refreshing!!!

  • Wendy

    A great example of a strong beutiful black women!
    and her role on southland awesome. She is example of how it should be done in hollyweird in Reginas case Hollywood. forever a fan!

  • its me

    I swear gossip don’t want black posts to get hits, y yall blocking comments, good comments at that

  • Kelly

    she is absolutely beautiful. Love Regina

    • kasxyz

      Way toooooo much makeup. She is a natural beauty. Essence is always jacking things up

  • Tiny

    I think he has taken a liken to the boys…but shhhh…don’t tell… .

  • Matix B

    Yes Ms KING do you!!!!

  • Darkeyes

    regina king looks like a horse. Plus she contradicts herself every chance she gets…smfh

  • chickieboo


  • WhyGenia?

    She’s throwing up the baphomet on the sly ala Michelle Obama.smh

  • I AM Holy

    I like her in Poetic Justice with Tupac and Janet, that cast was gooooddddddd.

  • chaka1

    Thank Goodness! Finally some coverage for a very beautiful and talented black woman doing amazing things!!!!

  • LadyB

    Great actress, and she is beautiful.

  • Lulu's



  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!

    Awww I love her and I am glad the checks keep rolling in for her even though she is supposedly at that age in Hollyweird where things dry up. I am also happy for her and Malcolm. I think he seems like a very good guy and they are cute together. I do miss that Malcolm and Eddie show too. LOL

  • andYea

    for those who keep saying shes with Eddie Winslow, aka Superheads ex. ShE is NOT! she’s with Malcolm, like she SAID. he was on the COSBY SHOW.


    her eyes are FAMAZING!
    (yes, i just made that up folks)fantastic AND amazing!
    i have always loved her since 227. she is an EXEMPLARY example of how to do hollywood ‘RIGHT’. she has managed her career brilliantly and is a stellar actor. i hope she gets kudos for it from her community one of these days. go gina!🙂


    those robert lee morris cuffs are on my ‘get it’ list. fiyah!
    the top is crazy gorgeous. and her are FAMAZING!
    gina has been an all time fave since 227. let the lohans and those other clucks take a lesson on how 2 do hollywood ‘RIGHT’. loves her.🙂

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