Has Cake-less Cassie Cultivated A Crazy Cult Congregation?

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Cassandra Ventura has been the subject of a polarizing debate since her debut on the music scene in 2006 with her smash Myspace-turned-radio hit “Me and U”. Some love her because she’s fine as fizzzuck, others for her fashion sense, and some people just love to hate her.

If everyone else, (besides the UK’s top rated newspaper The Guardian) had as much appreciation for non-sanging pretty ’singers’ like Cassie, she’d be a much bigger entity by now. Although Cassie doesn’t have the vocal chops comparative to your Beyonce’s and Jennifer Hudson’s, her vocals are not the worst and they work well on kinetic, infectious club beats.

I’m actually shocked that the 24-year-old has a growing cult of hardcore supporters, but that would be down to the singer impacting the dance and electronic world. Apparently, a tribute mixtape was put together which involved several underground artists remixing and re-producing many of her tracks.

Tri Angle Records boss Robin Carolan celebrated the new year by getting the words ‘Me & U’ tattooed on his arm. He states:

“In her vocals, there’s a lot of space; from a producer’s point of view that’s what you want, you can completely mash it up and reconstruct it”.

The Cassie appreciation was evident when last year, English DJ-producer Deadboy released ‘Cash Antics Vol. 1′. The compilation remixed her vocals, and the ‘Skydiver’ compilation involved dubstep producers Brackles and Jacques Greene reworking her tunes.

Carolan continues:
“For my artists, such as oOoOO and How to Dress Well—the idea of Cassie singing on their tracks is a dream. Others might view her as a has-been, but in this world she’s a legend. It sounds like she’s trapped in ice. There’s this stillness to [her voice]. Even though she’s not forcefully singing she still demands your attention”.

However you feel about Cassie is your business. Does she have a lil hoe swag? Maybe. Is she EVER going to have a song that matters again? Ehhhh, probably not. But will she always have your attention for one reason or another? Damn skippy!



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