Kimmy Cakes Reported To Star In Her Own Superbowl Commercial, But For Which Company???

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Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Skechers Shape-Ups

The rich get richer. Kim Kardashian has been hired by the sneaker company Sketchers to be the face of their new Superbowl ad for their “Shape-Ups” shoes.

Kim Kardashian is one of the world’s most famous reality TV stars and it is her star status that has landed her an advert spot within the Superbowl ad breaks.

The Superbowl ad breaks are highly coveted spots as the February event is watched my millions across America.

E!Online has reported that Kim has recorded an advert for footwear brand Sketchers and the socialite revealed the news for herself on her official website.

She wrote: “I can finally reveal that the top-secret commercial I’ve been working on recently is my Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowlad!!! (sic).”

Of the advert, Kim revealed: “I have to break someone’s heart in the end. You’ll have to wait and see why!”

This should be interesting, we wouldn’t mind seeing Kim working that a** out in a pair of Shape-Ups…and nothing else!



  • tommykimon

    Chick stays on the grind. She makes her money.



  • YokoDMV

    holding a helmet why?

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  • dee

    Kim K and her family are exactly what’s wrong with American society today. It’s worship of superficiality and materialism. I rebuke you Kim and your clan.

  • nicole

    How do you let someone be a spokeswomen for shoes that advertise making your butt more shapely when hers is not real. Its amazing how deceptions makes money off of girls who idolize fakness of any sort.

  • flacker

    Capitalism=Superficiality, therefore unless you are not into money i.e, a job, etc. everyone is into superficiality. In the words of Grand Master Flash “You gotta have a con in this land of milk and honey”. I have no problem with anyone making their money unless it is hurting someone.

  • HOT G.R.I.T.S

    Everyone hates on Khloe but she got a good thang going…she happy married etc. Kourtney is happy wit child n baby…now KIMMY whts the problm?? HER CURVES ARE HER CURSE I kinda feel sorry for her she has all the fame money etc…yet at the end of the day dudes just want to smash her n b on to the next. She compensates all d money n for the fact that she’s lonely. Its sad to me…she seems sweet athough her x hubby begs to differ

  • samech

    are they tryin’ to tell her something?!

  • chaka1

    Maybe they will show a player winning the Superbowl. While he’s being interviewed on ESPN, Kim and her mom rush the stage and steal his spotlight making the interview all about them. Just like real life, eh Reggie?

  • whoa

    the commercial should be for plastic surgery, not shoes, with all the surgeries she’s had.

  • CrescentCityQT

    Well damn, she was just advertising the Reebok easytone shoe last year! O well, whatever makes you money honey!

  • juliemango

    I got a pair of those shoes paid $110 can. plus tax for them they def. work but just be sure to get a size bigger to avoid toe damage i also own a pair of thr slippers its like walking on clouds re kims advert does reggie get a cut of that cheque!!!


    B*itCh where is My Money Fot That Car Wash

  • Hannibal

    She should advertise piss pots. Hopefully the commercial will show a n*gga pissing on her like she likes it.

  • If You Dont Like What I Write....Suck My DHICK!!!!

    I love kims juicy azz. I would stack Kim Kloe and Kourt on top of each other and go from phussy to phussy. Oh what the hell Mama Kardashian could climb on top of stack and I would stroke her old azz with my lumber also

  • the gem_n_I

    Keep making your money Kim, Khloe and kourt..@ khloe I heard Lamar likes coffee before a game well hey I got something for you organic coffee

    Hit me up and I can send you some free samples
    This is the coffee that pays you, its better than Starbucks…this is not a joke..I would like to send you at least a free sample of the product.

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