Jay-Z along with his mother and sister invested in a wing spot called Buffalo Boss in Brooklyn

Roc La Familia: Camel, Momma Camel, And Sister Camel Invest In….???

Pop the top to see The Roc’s newest acquisition. Buffalo wings. That’s right, regardless of how much money a black man makes, no matter what bad bish he’s married to, no matter how many stamps are on his passport, he still wants a good chicken wing from time to time.

According to TMZ reports:

Wanna invest like Jay-Z? Then it’s time to put your money where your mouth is … the chicken wing business!

TMZ has learned Jay-Z — along with his mother Gloria (above left) and sister Andrea — secretly invested in a buffalo wing joint in Brooklyn called Buffalo Boss.

It’s not just because wings are delicious — Jay’s first cousin Jamar White (above right) is one of the owners.

The joint is already making a positive impact in the community — recently rewarding outstanding students at a local middle school with FREE FOOD! How awesome is that?!

He got the hottest chicken wings in the game, he might buy a chain, that’s right Hov!

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