In Skinny Knifed Up White Folks News: Lisa Rinna Is Excited To Be A Size 0

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SMH. Lisa Rinna has some serious issues…peep what she’s soooooo excited about:

“I am very pleased to have fit into the size 0 Theory trousers today at wrk. Hate me if u like! I’m thrilled!” she tweeted Thursday.

Lisa once told People she had trouble understanding people’s obsession with weight.

“While I’m definitely a product of this mindset, I don’t get all the fuss our society has over people’s weight,” she said. At the time Lisa had just finished ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and was preparing to pose for Playboy.

“I want to encourage other women to be proud of their bodies no matter what age or size,” she continued.



  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    She’s skinny as hell,knifed up as hell,over-tanned,fake fish lips & altogether just an oogly mess!!! UGH!

  • such and such

    That is a serious tan

  • nymphis

    this bish done had more cuts than motown

    • tommykimon


  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    I have no idea who she is

  • daisy jay

    Where’s that idiot I’d Die for a White Woman?

    *clears throat* She’s your QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!

  • sowhatyall

    her lips look disgusting…she is a poster child for terrible plastic surgery

  • _CAKES_

    this is one of the ugliest women in hollywood.

  • Innovatoor09

    I hope she is a healthy size o, because she could have some serious problems down the line. The problem is most white men love skinny women, and these women fall into that trap, and it can be dangerous.

    • Moe

      The problem is most Black men love “thick” women and many Black women fall into the obesity trap…

  • Innovatoor09

    She is only 5″6 and 115 lbs, and that isn’t a healthy weight.

    • and the world turns..

      im 5’3″ n im 125..n she 3″ taller thn me!

  • nymphis

    she been cut more than hood dope

    • Alexandra the Tsaritsa

      hahaha, you’re so right about that!!

  • chocolatedeluxe1

    I didn’t think it’s haelty for a woman in her 40 or maybe even 50’s to wear a size 0

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?

      Exactly because when you get older, your bones become weaker. Just a “little” weight will do.

  • nymphis

    everything about this bish is a 0

    • tommykimon

      OK please stop today LOL

    • daisy jay

      You don’t deserve to own technology. *dies of laughter*

      I should have the police come raid your house and take all your electronics

  • juliemango

    I would be happy too if i could fit into all my good jeans i refuse to throw away!!!

  • Nymphis

    @daisy jay
    What’s the bus.Mami?

  • if anything be noble

    What is “Size 0?” What does that even mean? Is she air?

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