Thank The Academy: The Most Memorable Awards Show Moments Of All Time!

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Ricky Gervais golden globe

Awards shows are pretty bland, hours long odes to the egos of musicians and actors that are too full of themselves for the truth. That’s why Ricky Gervais p*ssed off a whole lotta White people by being as funny as he was honest. If the people at the Golden Globes thought last night was crazy, they sure wouldn’t be able to handle these crazy awards show moments.


  • Lacey (On The Search For My White Prince)

    What is an ODB or a Three Six Mafia ? :S

    Anywhooo, Kanye West is an example of what happens to black men when they get a hint of success.

    That man is BEYOND VILE, He is so cocky, big headed and ugly.


    • BossipGirl

      i agree

    • Me

      Please don’t judge all successful black men based on Kanye West. Money and success only magnifies the person you already were.

    • likostar

      You just described Brett Favre..

    • Kyra


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    • Moe

      I agree with you and Me…lol

    • Mystyri

      @ LACEY,



  • Hmm...

    They forgot when Cuba Gooding Jr. won. He clowned hard as hell.

    • free

      yep, that one needs to be added.

  • kidrebelny

    lil mama’s nose looks like a bull nose

    • hoogivsafuc

      so does jay z”s

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    everytime i think of jay (which isn’t often) i think of this corny looking, “camel” expression lolol

  • RMEs

    Ok, I laughed out loud at the Jesus wept comment regarding 3_6 Mafia. Indeed He probably did! LOL!!!

  • caper

    gervaris was on point about that hollywood inner circle he put them on blast all them folks who ride the high horses he did no wrong in fact he was 100% right. now take that hollywood swing’n…

  • mac

    Ricky Gervais!!!!! The Best Ever!

  • The Beautiful One

    LMAO @ the picture of Lil’ Mama jumping on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Lil’ Mama looked like she could be the love child Jay and Alicia. ha ha ah

  • mac

    Mo’Nique performance was the best ….loved it!

  • VideoGirlsHusband

    lil mama, I ain’t gona tell you again to get the fudge off the stage! priceless!

  • CeCe

    Lil mama so darn ugly like a little tranny. Kanye is just idk got too much money & has nothin to do hes bored.

  • lani3000

    Love htis lil mama pic. #EPIC!

  • tina

    tupac’s mama still looks like a crack head. sorry…

  • Mello Cole

    Truth is nothing can top the kanye moment it will go down in history!I cant lie i felt bad for taylor, but a toast to the jerkoffs… Lmao
    And the lil mama situation was just dumb, they put so much money into the show to make it great and she comes along and spoils it like WTF!

  • :(

    i still cant get over how lil mama fell right in step with the b boy pose like she rehearsed the number with jay and alicia, lol…as if her career wasn’t suffering enough…she’ll never live that down…

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