Keyshia Cole Gives Details On Upcoming Wedding: “I Want It Drama Free With A Waterfall”

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keyshia cole and daniel gibson

Keyshia and Boobie will marry next month, but still have yet to set an exact date:

Big wedding, little drama. That’s Keyshia Cole’s recipe for wedded bliss.

“I want a waterfall, and I won’t rest until I get it,” the R&B singer, who’s set to marry NBA player Daniel Gibson next month, told PEOPLE at Saturday’s taping of the BET Honors in Washington, D.C. The show will air Feb. 21 at 9 p.m.

But just because she’s determined, that doesn’t make her a bridezilla. “No, I’m cool,” Cole says, admitting that she’s running the show. “It’s all me. He just wants to dance, that’s it.”

Cole and her Cleveland Cavalier fiancé, who got engaged shortly before having their first child early last year, still haven’t nailed down the wedding date for next month. But it won’t be Valentine’s Day. “[It’s] more like the 17th or the 22nd, somewhere in there,” Cole says.

When the day arrives, their son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., might try a little dancing, too. “He’s definitely walking now. He says ‘Mommy,’ and I think he’s starting to say ‘Keyshia.’ That’s exciting,” Cole says.

And which parent does he take after? Says Cole: “His dad bought him a basketball – and he’s definitely dunking already.”

Awww, how wonderful. We think they make a great couple, congrats to them.



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  • nymphis

    Good look on that sox cap

  • Nana

    I mean if anybody deserves that much Love and happiness its this chic! Wit all the sh!t she’s been thru….gud 4 her

    Am jus glad she didn’t have a baby 4 young jeezy!!! That wouldve been a disaster….

  • http://WHAT Tasha

    I am so Happy for Keyshia. her and Boobie make a great couple I feel that there is alot of love between the two of them. Go Keyshia!!!

  • Where in the world is carmen san diego ( with a black man)

    Kiss kiss bang bang daddy do it harder than any white man uh oh uh oh hurry daddy before ya black baby mama get home

  • shinefromw1th1n

    Congrats, Keyshia!

  • get em paid

    Best Wishes! Hope you got a plan b lol

  • sowhatyall

    hmph….I thought they were already married


    If she want it drama free than I suggest that she don’t invite any of those raggady azz relatives including crack mom. They all are secretly jealous & would do anything to ruin her big day. I would not even trust them to be drama free. They wish they could be her.

  • Lacey (Lord Help Me Find My White Price)

    Good Luck Girl :)

  • G.M.

    somebody need to tell this chick the drama comes after the wedding and during the divorce lol

  • shake em

    she needs to get her a laker. this bum doesn’t even start for the cav’s (the worst team in the nba)

  • Getem

    She’s such a beauty.

  • gigglgal215

    Drama free means leaving Frankie and Neffie at home. Neffie might tweet and ask for gifts in order for the guests to attend Keisha’s wedding.

  • lexi

    uhhhh damn i guess that means no Frankie…Frankie gets the party poppin

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