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Here are some images from the Last Chance for Change concert held in Miami yesterday with Jay-Z and Wyclef. Today is the LAST day to register to vote in GA, FL, IN, MI, OH, PA, and VA. If you have not already done so, do it today! Click HERE for more information. YES WE CAN!!

Peep more concert images as well as Hov and his significant other out to lunch, and Beyonce being inducted into the International Pediatric hall of fame when you…

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  • Lyte Bright

    why would Bey be inducted into the pediatric hall of fame….

  • Creole Baby Don't Hate On Me - My Tank on Full Yo Tank On E


  • Ms Hollywood

    I see you Jockin Jay-Z, Jockin Jay-Z!

    OBAMA 2008!!!!!


    Beyonce looks stunning in that red dress. Simple and elegant. Very good look.

  • kahmmillion

    Ya’ll better get out there and VOTE!! I did in March (Only reason I didn’t do it for the primaries was because they said that Florida’s votes were not going to count).

  • mars

    yeah i know him .i have read some news about him on it’s said that he is dating with a young girl marry .there re also some close pics about them .that’s really ture !

  • $moK.E.Y.

    Pediatric Hall of Fame, I guess :roll:

  • kahmmillion

    OAN – I don’t see what’s so special about Beyonce…. she looks like a younger version of her mother.

  • http://deleted It

    I went to the concert in Detroit and it was great! Yes We Can!!!

    Um…just curious. What did Beyonce do to get inducted into that particular Hall of Fame?

  • Michelle Chrisette

    LOVE THESE TWO!!!! I so glad to see them giving back!!!



  • Cheating alarm

    That girl spends more time with her bodyguard than with her husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aks your selfish one question:

    How long will be the marriage from Jay and Bey? I give them until the end of the year because Beyonce will cheat on him.

  • CGJ

    She was inducted into the hall of fame for her charity work with the organization. She was also there to raise money for the charity – tables went for $11,000 a pop. Just cuz she doesn’t take out a full time ad everytime she does something charitable doesn’t mean she ain’t doin it. If for no other reason, she NEEDS to do it for the tax write-off.

  • http://yahoo Jeannette

    She is inducted, because you dummies, she donated money for the babies. She has lots of charities that she give money to. Bey and Jay-Z cannot spend all the money they get. It is tax season coming, she need a tax write off.

  • texas_thickness

    Jay-z is so mutha phucking fugly ugh!!! I bet Bey kisses him with her eyes closed

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