Calling All Capricorns…10 Celebs Reppin’ The Billie Goats

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Celebrity capricrons

Calling all Capricorns! Known for their determination and ambition to succeed it’s no surprise that some of these “A” lister’s represent this earth sign.

Have a click-thru to see who’s reppin the G.O.A.T


  • Just Sayin

    What about the first lady?

    • ???

      i was thinking the same thing …WHERE’S FIRST LADY MICHELLE??

  • Capricorn baby

    1-16-89 imma cap!

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    @Just Sayin

    Good Point.

    I’m a Capricorn and proud of it. B-day is the same as the most important person on that list. :)

  • TBM

    Capricorn representing ;)

  • http://wowreally Danny

    I got same b day as r Kelly scary. Also my Guy friend has the same b day as Denzel

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    happy bday to everyone except r. kelly…

    • Hunnee Bun

      LMAO! XD

  • ReALiSt (Mr InTeRnATiOnAL iN LoNdOn - BuT GetTiNg ReAdY tO HiT EtHiOPiA tO PrAy To My AnCeStOr!!)

    Represent! Represent!! That’s why I only ride chevy capri!!

  • mixi

    1/17 Cap! We’re the BEST. Ambitious, smart and talented! Get it Caps!

  • Harmonie

    Capricorn Reppin Baby!!!
    Happy Birthday to me!!! January 19th!!!!

  • tommykimon

    Yaw forgot Michelle Obama and my baby girl is repping the same day as her.

  • herudagod

    Capricorn= baphomet. Same thing to all those who those so called christians and illuminati believers.

  • cap1luv


  • JoJo

    Hmm, Excuse me… Haven’t we forgotten the MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF THEM ALL. JESUS!! 12/25.. C’mon People!!

  • right

    Happy BDay to my lil’ capricorn who is 9 years old today! I love my boo! Mommy’s starting it off though 12/22! Caps all up in this house!

  • dropped the world on my head

    it figures all the crazies are caps….lol. Me too heeheeeee teeeheeee YIKES!

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