Cry Me A River: Raz B And Ricky Romance Claim They Got Beat Up By Who???

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Raz B Ricky Romance

Raz B and Ricky Romance have a new story to tell. And it starts with a Raz B performance, which makes us a little skeptical.

But according to TMZ, Raz and his suspect brother are claiming that Yung Joc tried to bring it to them last night in Atlanta.

Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance claims he was ambushed at a concert in Atlanta last night … and Ricky says the man responsible for the attack is rapper Yung Joc.

Ricky tells us, Raz was scheduled to perform last night at the Salute the DJ’s Award Show — but he never made it to the stage.

According to Ricky, Joc’s security team stopped Raz in his tracks and refused to let him perform — all because Raz publicly dissed Yung Joc in a song a few months ago.

Ricky tells us he tried to help get his brother past the hired muscle … but Joc’s security wasn’t having it — and roughed him up pretty bad instead.

Ricky claims he suffered some nasty cuts to his head during the melee — before he and Raz were both forcefully thrown out of the Atrium Event Center.

No police report was filed.

Joc ambushed y’all? For what?!?! And beyond that, why is there never a police report with these guys, but always a report to the media???


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