Barack Obama’s State Dinner For Chinese President Causes A Stir…Guest List Full Of White Folks

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obama dinner for chinese president hu jintao

President Barack Obama had a dinner last night in DC for Chinese President Hu Jintao. Interesting enough, there were some “non-Chinese” folks on the list that caused a bit of a stir:

Now that the big question has been answered (Michelle Obama is wearing Alexander McQueen), we can move on to the other details of Wednesday night’s state dinner. Like who else attended.

Thanks to the guest list released in the afternoon, we had an idea. Below is a slideshow of who made it through security … and what they wore.

According to pool reports, there was a little Q&A with attendees:

-Barbra Streisand, when asked why she was there: “I worked in a Chinese restaurant.”
-Anna Wintour said she wanted to ask President Hu to “invest money in Chinese fashion.”
-Jackie Chan on why he brought a big camera: “I just want to take some photo.”

As for what they ate, we know it was “quintessentially American”: lobster, steak, apple pie and ice cream. After dinner, about 300 guests–Sasha and Malia included–took in a performance by jazz great Herbie Hancock.

Hmmm…Interesting…Herbie Hancock was the only black person other than the First Family?? SMH.

There are many other interesting guests: Herbie Hancock, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Barbra Streisand, Wendy Deng Murdoch sans Rupert, and Jackie Chan. (You can read the full guest list here.) The New York Times frets over the logistical difficulties of inviting both Hillary and Bill Clinton: Should he be her “plus one,” or should they both get official invites?

Jackie Chan presents a problem, too: Do you also invite Jet Li and just hire extra help to clean up after the inevitable kung fu battle that ensues? And if Chan brings Chris Tucker as his plus one, do you sit them at opposite sides of the room so their dumb race jokes don’t ruin the entire evening?

Double SMH.

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  • Orlando

    Who did you think would be at a state dinner at the White house; you could invite every black politician on Capitol Hill and not fill the guest list.

  • stacyface

    Who cares who’s there a room full of rich white folks…… I hate this news this morning and michelle need to do something that damn here note cute

  • xxbiggirlxx

    I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

    ___________blackwhitedate.c-/0m ____________

    This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

    If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!

  • JOSH


  • yt

    why the fuq is john kerry’s wife at the head table?

    they gonna run out of ketchup at dinner?

    • Crowe

      Because Obama’s only care about money – for themselves, not for anyone else. They always have their hands out.Streisand? Kerry? Carter? What a joke – along with the rest of the list.

  • Yoko

    PLZ JUST PLACE OUR ORDERS AND SHUT UP! Ok now I want 12 goat meat parties and a lots of buds in my 2 oz bag. Yes we all know what’s really going on in the islands. Stop Ain’t nothing poorer black than island laborers. UNEMPLOYMENT IS ALWAYS SUPER HIGH!



  • confidently_ugly

    China is thinking “dont bite the hand that feeds you”….

  • get em paid!

    Yes President Obama and First Lady many of us “get it” and our votes are secured. Lady in Red you stole the night. Your courting the right market and they showed respect to you that they have never ever shown any other American President. Lol dumb move Reps your corporate donations are going dry up! China is wide open! Yes we are gracious enough to invite our haters but they know better than show up.

    • Glok...Mein Kampf Mah Fukkaz in 2012 !!!


  • thesaneone

    more ignorant news…

  • ChelloMello

    State Dinner my foot. Obama is welcoming the next owner of the United States!

    Hu Jintao: You do know the United States can never pay back all its loans to China. Capitalist swine, you are about to default!

    Obama: I know, I know. Here are the keys to the White House and Wall Street. Please do enjoy the American gross national product. At least give me until 2012 to get the country ready…………..

    Jintao: [Mandarin] See hwat patience will do. China gonna be empire again! All it took was 3000 years!

    • confidently_ugly


    • yt

      Jackie Chan: *snaps photo*

  • jt

    why would he invite black ppeople?

  • othello

    I’m not surprised in the least. The president is not here to change any thing. President Obama was put in place to change the way we perceive the policy. The United States still make up the wealthiest country in the world; and the wealth is still controlled by 1% of the population; and that segment of the population is still Caucasian. I read that Chinese corporations hire white actors to attend corporate events to add prestige to their corporation. I’m sure the president had little to do with the invitation list. He and Michelle was most likely at the dinner like, “wtf, where’s Oprah”.

  • IknowRite?

    Who really cares? Chinese folks are scared of too many spooks in one room…….

  • ChelloMello

    @ Othello:

    Hire white actors??? Lol, if they could only get Oprah and her people on board, China would praise black people from now until the next millennium!

    • othello

      I know, It sounds crazy but just Google it. Google: “Chinese corporations hire white actors” They’re called “face jobs”. If you don’t believe me you may believe CNN.

  • IknowRite?

    And furthermore, they have WhiteHouseStaff or Intelligence who already know who this chinese cat wants around him.

    And lastly, there aren’t too many Blacques with lots of money for his up and coming re-election…….get a clue!
    Put down the 40 and get out of bed before 3pm.

  • Pretty Girl

    Nothing new here. The white people are always put in front to try to make it look good. The United States is diverse and should be represented that way not just with white people and racist white people at that, how racist is that.

  • Pretty Girl

    @ who cares. Race is always the issue when it comes to white people that is why race comes up. People do care and they should wonder when white people who are mostly racist is always represented as the only race in america when there is a diverse type of people. People need to stop ignoring the fact that race is a issue, because it is and the more we try to hide it and say it is not then that means we want to ignore the racism that exist in this country and it is not going away as long as there is people with your attitude. Whether the president is black or not, there should be more than 3 black people at something important like this. This is racist in rare form.

  • juliemango

    Obama has chinese in his fam. so the guest list is not meant to offend the chinese pres. nothing personal here!!!

  • no $hit $herlock

    oh eff the guest list; why in the hell, with 1500 chinese restaurants in north philly ALONE, did they NOT serve General Tso, or shrimp fried rice to the little chinaman?

    and with all those math genius/asian s!uts that I knew in college. couldn’t they pull one of those hoes out from under some crakka to go and “entertain” their homie?

  • Crowe

    So sad to see the African American community blindly support Micheele and Bam. Neither of them care about the African Americn community, never have, unless they are asking for money or their vote. The economy has hurt the lower income African Americans more than any other demographic, but they continue to support Obama, Why? When was the last tme he or Mooch made a trip to any inner city? What have they done about jobs? What’s he doing about gas and energy prices? Nothing. Mooch spent a pretty penny on that dress, yaxpayer money – as she does all the time. With all her flyover vacations, when have either of them ever shown any support for the black community? Very sad indeed.

  • Crowe

    And Hu made fools of the Obamas – showing up late just to show therm who’s boss. You can kiss more union jobs goodbye, Bam will send them overseas, just like Clinton did signing NAFTA.

  • Robert Deniro

    Me and Mel Gibson were invited but we hate chinese peop…. I mean food, we hate chinese food!

  • you only got one vote use it!

    As the “CROW FLIES” be gone! Sorry you live in poverty. Sure your mad at your parents about that to because you probably wont inherit anything. President Obama is not God. You might want to do what he did. Get a job and some powerful friends that will help you. MONEY IS GOOD AND YOU KNOW YOU WANT ALOT OF IT TOO!

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