8 Cities For The Best African-American Dating Experience

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Philadelphia PA City Skyline


The city of Brotherly Love shows mad love for the sistas:

Philadelphia, home of the ’97 Million Woman March, is a city worth considering for Sisters who seek the pulse of an urban locale. With nearly 40 percent of its population made up of Black residents, there are plenty of activities and sites geared to culture-hungry African-Americans, including African-American festivals and historic monuments…


  • http://valstyleonline.com Val

    there’s also not enough of them for the number of women in the city. and a lot of them are gay.

    • Kyra


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  • Josslyn

    Um Washington DC is a huge negative. Very large population of gay African American men, also an overall high HIV rate. Ladies, beware!

  • Illuminate Truth "the strong rule the weak but the wise rule the strong"

    I guess it depends on whose dating experience we are talking about. A few of those cities post a much higher black woman population than black men. Factor in gays and the socially inept…well, I for ya sistas.

    • Illuminate Truth "the strong rule the weak but the wise rule the strong"

      “….well I *feel* for ya sistas.”

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      DEAD @ Illuminate


    New York definitely has the hottest guys as far as singles, but there are a TON of pathological liars here too.

  • worldchanger

    Why its always one white guy/girl n a Black group or vice versa?? Just asking high questions.

    • kerry

      Because that is the token that makes every race feel like they can relate.

  • WonderWhy

    Why isn’t Trenton, New Jersey on this list?

    • kerry

      Trenton is gross.

  • JaZZ

    Guy from NYC is so wack its not even funny… the guys are good looking but rude in their approach to dating is f’d if u reject them then u might get cursed out and then when u do give 1 a chance they lie about everything… there are a few good 1s but from the most part the men in NYC are ignant, broke or wannabe’s… just saying

    • kerry

      You must live on Staten island.

  • 2Sweet

    How is Atlanta good for dating???


      Sure if you like guessing who’s gay and who isn’t. Too many suspect men for me..LOL!

  • Lacey ( Lord Find Me My White Prince)


    What is it like for dating? I wanna visit ^_^ I’ve only ever been to NY and hated the black men there. Maybe Atlanta will convert me?

  • Entoon

    Chicago black dudes are thugs and if they aint-then those dudes are soft and gettin jumped on by the thugs! sure u can find u plenty of babydaddies in CHI town but this city does not hire black men leaving them to be stay at home 40 drinkin bootleg dvd selling insecure azzholes! I say looks somewhere else!!1

  • 7lady

    There is nothin here in cleve oh either. My husband just gots to be somewhere else.

  • frankiestage

    Moved up from the South to Minneapolis some years ago and as a Black male, I loved it. There’s a much larger Black population than I had thought, and there’s a wide variety of Black women (African American and African). And of course there is quite a large number of white girls always looking to get their swirl on. I’m sure the African American women don’t care for the situation, but if the men are happy in a certain town, the women usually aren’t (ratios ain’t right), and vice versa.

  • get em paid!

    @ nymphis
    I can all was count u to make me scream! Rflol

  • get em paid!

    Oops *always*

  • nymphis

    @g m

    I don’t understand your comment

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