Does A Happy Keyshia Cole Equal Great Music Or Does Life Have To Suck To Sell Albums???

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Keyshia Cole Music

Keyshia Cole hit the ground running with her first solo album back in 2004 “The Way It Is”, which was full of heartache, pain and a sound her fans fell in love with. She followed up with two more albums that were pretty much giving them that same rawness along with her reality shows that backed up the craziness in her life…

Now Keyshia is singing to a new beat and is happy with the latest released 4th studio album “Calling All Hearts”, which everyone can expect but with happiness comes different type of music. It’s kind of like Mary J. Blige… she singed her heart out about how she was f**ked over for so long and when she finally found love, the tempo to her music became more upbeat and her fans weren’t really into it.

After analyzing Keyshia’s story, it seems to be really similar to Mary’s career. After the performance on Conan O’Brien the other day, one can tell Keyshia is in a totally different space and can enjoy her new life through her music but are the fans really into it or are they like Mary fans… only can enjoy the music when she’s down and life sucks???


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