Secret Matrimony-Dom: First Picture From Monica And Shannon’s Lowkey Wedding Day Revealed

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Monica Shannon Brown Wedding photo

Now that the cat is all the way out of the bag, Mrs. Monica Brown (aka, Lil Rocco and Romelo’s mommy) has shared the first picture from her November wedding day.

According to reports, the only other people present at the ceremony, other than the happy couple and their minister, were their parents.

These two are proof that sometimes you just know when you’ve met the right one… or something like that.

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  • JustAshley

    Awe! I’m happy for them!

    • Kyra


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  • Kadadah

    Good 4 Monica, she deserves happiness!

  • Jerzsfinest

    Beautiful couple…very happy for them and glad they did it their way and on their terms!!! She looks beautiful as usual!

  • maria

    don’t anyone get mad but seriously, who cares about Monica?? I just don’t get it..

    • mary

      That is really sad to say about anyone. Who cares about Monica, supposed someone said that about you when you really needed somebody think before you speak. God’s word says even a fool is wise when they keep their mouth closed.

    • forreal

      This is clearly a person with no life and nothing better to do with their time. You ask who cares, and the answer is evident. Her fans care and her new husband definitely cares. But I would be willing to bet no one gives a shyt about you, or else you wouldn’t even bother to type such garbage.

    • forreal

      Hey i just wanted to point out that i didnt say that. there must be two of us.

  • The Beautiful One

    Aww They look so beautiful and happy together, best wishes. ;)

  • moonbeam

    im hoping she is happy. GOD bless both of them

  • Tootie

    Monica always takes a pretty picture.

  • MsFranki

    Aww, how nice! And she look so pretty too!

  • what_am_iDoing

    Alothough I like MOnica..I think shes kinda stupid 0_o

    • what_am_iDoing


  • Sam

    That was kinda fast!

  • Paula UK

    she has trapped this boy. I’m sure this 30 year old woman got pregnant and told 25 year man to marry her or God was going to punish him, so he had to marry her. I mean, it’s his first marriage and he turns up in a sweat shirt? I’m sure he has a hush hush crash on her …for now…but even then some people wait until they can find a perfect outfit for their big day. She trapped him and he is so stupid to let her!

  • Jessica James

    They look like they were made for each other.

  • Paula UK

    This is the woman who was involved with a man who killed himself infront of her, then she got involved with many other drug dealers, then came the convicted murderer, then kids with a man who dumped her before they got married. And now, she has landed this silly 25 year old boy without any baggage into her mess of a life. Sooner or later, he is going to walk out of that marriage with nightmares that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Very stupid indeed Shannon.

    • Cali

      Have you ever heard of the PAST??!! What have you done in your past? Why are you throwing shade on a woman who is clearly happy right now???? Are you a Marriage and Family Therapist lol?? – pathetic. Don’t hate, just do better you b*tch!!!!!!!!

    • Michel

      U really need to grow up, U probably had someone hurt u very badly, JUST BE HAPPY FOR THEM FINDING LOVE, I am and I knew Shannon Brown was going to marry Monica she’s a changed woman do u understand the word WOMAN, he could of had any woman but he chose her that should tell u something:)

    • Michel

      Paula UK,U really need to grow up, U probably had someone hurt u very badly, JUST BE HAPPY FOR THEM FINDING LOVE, I am and I knew Shannon Brown was going to marry Monica she’s a changed woman do u understand the word WOMAN, he could of had any woman but he chose her that should tell u something:)

  • Paula UK

    Don’t call he a hater, I wish people every happiness and Monica included, but I’m not the kind to shy away from telling the truth even if it hurts. I mean, is Shannon sure Monica’s past is not going to ruin his won life? She likes to throw God around as if she did not know about God when she made the decision to get involved with the wrong men all her life. ”Shannon is the man God sent for me”….oh, ok!. I’m sure she said the same thing about the one in prison for murder. Shannon is the loser in this fiasco. She got herself a cake and now she is eating it.

    • mary

      Paula UK if you knew anything about Shannon you would know that he came with a pretty dark past as well, but you wouldn’t know that because he isn’t as well known as Monica. Their past issues is what made them closer and able to relate to each other. Paula before you judge get some facts.

    • crazychiq

      Paula UK….Monica may have made wrong choices in the past when it came to men, but so do millions of other women around the world and most probably your mum. Nobody is perfect hun.
      These experiences have strengthened her hence the reason why she is still around today and has a very successful career. She may not have had a strong relationship with God in the past but has one now…so what?.
      What you are telling is not the truth but your opinions as you are not God and you can not judge.
      Both Shannon and Monica’s experiences will strengthen their marriage and help them to weather any storm that comes their way

    • Cali

      Jealousy is a disease. Get a f*ckin life!! And do not put GOD anywhere in your post because GOD does not like ugly jealous apes. And you are following, jocking, and posting on an AMERICAN sight with AMERICANS so B*tch stop stalking us if you don’t like us, rotten teeth c*nt

    • Paula UK

      @cali, GHETTO B*ITCH, sit the fu*k down. I’m American and moved to the UK because I did not want my life ruined by low life animals like you around me. GHETTO w*ores like you are ruining the world and you need to jump off a building. You seem very uneducated diseased piece of human flesh and you need to STFU because you have no right to open your smelly mouth.

  • TRUFF IS...not all that glitters is gold

    the quicker they get married the quick they get divorced….cute couple tho

    • TRUFF IS...not all that glitters is gold


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