Jesus Take the Wheel: Shady Philly Abortion Doctor “Forced” Women To Terminate Pregnancies With Abuse And Drugs

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More crazy details on the Philadelphia abortion doctor charged with murder:

A woman treated in a ‘House of Horrors’ abortion clinic said she decided to keep the baby at the last minute – but medics hit her and continued with the termination. Davida Johnson, 30, developed veneral disease and suffered four miscarriages after being treated. Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell allegedly snapped the spinal cords of seven newborn babies. He has been charged over the deaths along with nine of his employees – including a 15-year-old high school student. Ms Johnson said the clinic was full of dazed women sitting in dirty, bloodstained recliners when she went to undergo the procedure in 2001 – but changed her mind.

Davida Johnson explained: ‘I said, “I don’t want to do this,” and he smacked me. They tied my hands and arms down and gave me more medication,’ she said.
Ms Johnson, then 21, turned to Gosnell after being scared away from Planned Parenthood in downtown Philadelphia by protestors. Someone sent her to the West Philadelphia clinic, at the Women’s Medical Society, saying anti-abortion protesters wouldn’t be a problem there and she said she paid $400. She blames the 69-year-old practitioner for a series of medical problems which have led to four miscarriages.

Ms Johnson never sued over the abortion or ensuing venereal disease, but 46 other parties have, including the family of 22-year-old Semika Shaw, who prosecutors said died of sepsis at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in March 2002 two days after Gosnell perforated her uterus and cervix during an abortion. The authorities suspect hundreds may have died over 30 years at Dr Gosnell’s clinic. Prosecutors claim babies were murdered after being born alive in illegal botched late-term abortions during final three months of pregnancy.

He is thought to have made $1.8million in one year alone performing the procedures. It is believed the doctor frequently delivered late-term babies alive then severed their spines with scissors and stored their foetal bodies in fridges. The grand jury said while it believes Gosnell killed most of the babies he aborted after 24 weeks, it could not recommend murder charges for all of the cases. ‘In order to constitute murder, the act must involve a baby who was born alive,’ the grand jury said in a report of almost 300 pages. The panel also criticised Pennsylvania state health and medical regulators who said there were numerous opportunities to shut the clinic down over the years but complaints were ignored.

Four other clinic employees are charged with murder for roles prosecutors say they had in the deaths of Mongar or the viable babies. Gosnell’s wife was charged with performing illegal abortions and other crimes and is being held on $1 million bail. Defence lawyer William J. Brennan, who represented Gosnell during the investigation, said Gosnell ‘feels he has provided a general care medical facility in a fairly impoverished area for four decades.’




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