Fill In The Blank: Ne-Yo’s Lips

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ne-yo performs in indonesia

Here is the multi-talented singer/songwriter/performer Shaffer Smith, aka Ne-Yo performing in Indonesia.

Fill In The Blank: Ne-Yo’s lips look like they are ______________________________.


  • Something's wrong

    Looks like a beak… D mn homie… Must give good h ad…lol

    • Kyra


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    • Elward

      I thought that he had a pacifier in his mouth at first. He looks like a caricature of himself with gorilla lips! NOT A GOOD LOOK MA!

  • 7lady

    Are perfect for mens genitals.

    • CAN AM


  • Kelly

    Inherited from his ancesters who were probably tortured and killed for us to have rights and for him to be able to have this opportunity in life.

  • 5150

    He’s such a QUEEN

  • xxbiggirlxx

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  • kidrebelny

    He has a look that is hard to get around, he went from head bands and fitteds to vests & jacket with a damn fedora! He looked funny before, but now he looks funny and suspect!

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    HA! This made me choke on my gum!

  • BreezyRTedHottie`sTweet

    He is gaaaaay

  • artdude01

    Fill in the blank: Neyo’s lips…

    Better not go to prison.

    • Pisces82


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  • ladyinblue

    Besides his funnyasfug lips, the 2nd picture almost had me in tears! I believe I can flyyyyyyyyy

  • rene

    Can sing beautifully, and have spoken to Michael Jackson.

    • Big Meech


  • Trapper

    That’s the mouth he makes when he spits on stinky gut bucket KELLY!

  • Yea OK

    like he’s open for business!!!!….aint no man got business makin their mouth do this…EVER!!!! EW!!!

  • Ti

    He is sooo ugly..ugh and he need to stop dressing like that..that style just ain’t for everybody

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