Rihanna Says The Raggedy Ratted Red Hair “Makes Her Feel Girly”

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Rihanna Red Hair three styles

More Magazine in the UK recently sat down with Rihanna and got her to share all types of interesting tidbits.

One of the fascinating facts she shared is that the inspiration behind her now infamous red wigs came from the recording process for “Loud.”

“We took a studio bus on tour, and after every show, we’d sit in an empty car park until 5am and record,” she says. “Then we’d get back on the bus and sleep. Every afternoon I had acting classes, before a
two-hour show in the evening, followed by another studio session.

“Some of the car parks reeked of piss. One pLace I’ll remember
until the day I die – it smelt like truckers had been peeing there for ever,” she says. I had to run between buses holding my breath. Awful! But it was a great adventure.There were no rules and we had no specific sound in mind. l wanted a playful energy. The themes were fun.
flirty, sassy and expressive. Things that scream being a girl. Red [hain) suits my mood right now. I was over my last project. So I reinvented myself.”

As intriguing and deep as that was – and learning that Rihanna forgets she’s 22 sometimes – it was the chit chatter they got from “a source close to Rihanna” that piqued our interest.

Rihanna certainty likes pLaying big sister to everyones new obsession, 26-year-old singer Nicki Minaj, who she was recording with last week. And with rumours circulating that Nicki’s seeing Rihanna’s ex, rapper Drake, our source says the megastar has been giving her new friend love advice. Our insider tells us, “She’s been helping Nicki out with her
career, but most of her guidance has been about men-and Drake in particutar.”

But Rihanna is warning Nicki to put her career first – at least for now. “Rihanna’s told Nicki she should stay single and stay focused,” says our source.

We’re gonna need More Magazine to fact check a little better. Because we seriously doubt Rihanna knows Drizzy better than Nicki… or that anyone is going to Rihanna for advice on relationships and dating.



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