Alleged ‘Mom-Killer’ ID’d 18 Years Prior To Conviction By Toddler

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4 Year Old I.D.'s Mother's Killer 18 Years Before Conviction

What’s done in the dark comes to light! While serving 25 years for a separate bump off, DeJohn Hoffman, is charged with the shooting of his girlfriend and mother of his child, Jessica Smith.

“Daddy shot Mommy in the head,” then-4-year-old Christina Smith — the oldest of the victim’s three kids — blurted out to cops probing the April 6, 1993, disappearance of her mom.

We guess if tots can dial 911 and save lives, that they can also be credible witnesses.

Cold case cops

Grilled Hoffman about some of his bloodstained clothing, which had been recovered after Smith’s murder.
He claimed that it was his own blood on the clothes — but a forensic analysis proved it was actually Smith’s.
In 2008, investigators then questioned one of Hoffman’s former associates in a federal pen. The associate admitted to the cops that he had helped in the removal and disposal of Smith’s body, sources said. The body had been found in a Bronx vacant lot six days after the murder.
The snitch testified before a Bronx grand jury last month, sealing Hoffman’s fate. He was indicted on two counts of murder Dec. 30.

We can understand why a heinous crime such as the point-blank murder of her mother, would leave Christina Smith messed up!


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