No More Finding Love With Hoes, Flavor Flav Has Opened Up His Own Restaurant “Flav’s Fried Chicken”… GTFOH!!!

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Flavor Flav Fried Chicken

VH1 is no longer fueling the mansion and the chicks that Flavor Flav likes to give pet names and then slobber down their throats. He has now become the ultimate business man… Flavor Flav has opened up his own chicken joint in Clinton, Iowa called “Flav’s Fried Chicken”. We have never seen Flav speak so passionately about doing something real in his life….

It’s official. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of FFC, Flav’s Fried Chicken, took place Monday. Hip-hop and reality star Flavor Flav is a partner in his first-time venture as a restauranteur.

The menu includes the Public Enemy hypeman’s specially seasoned fried chicken recipe, ribs, greens, and macaroni and cheese.

Before teaming with Nick Cimino to establish FFC, Flav already had a relationship with Cimino’s brother, Peter, who owns Mama Cimino’s in Las Vegas. The pizza restaurant sells Flavor Flav’s 99-cent wings.

It was Nick’s idea to create an eatery based on Flav’s recipe. “Nick sees me frying the chicken and says, ‘I’m going back to my town and I’m going to build us a restaurant, the first FFC restaurant,'” Flav told the Clinton Herald. “I said, ‘Huh, are you serious?'” FFC is located next to the Mama Cimino in Clinton, Iowa.

According to an online review, the Flavor Flav chicken wings had an “extremely oily smell” but were “surprisingly tasty.”

Flav revealed what separates his chicken from competitors Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeye’s, Church’s, and others. “When you take the breading off the chicken all’s you gonna taste is some boiled chicken,” he said. “But the secret with FFC is I season my meat first. Then I let the meat season the flour…If you take the breading off my chicken, you’ll still taste all of my seasonings.”

He added that opening a chicken restaurant has been a longtime dream. He has always wanted to compete with Kentucky Fried Chicken. “I always said, ‘Colonel Sanders, you better watch out, boy. Your boy Flavor Flav is coming and you got something on your hands.'” Ironically, FFC is located near a KFC.

At least he’s finally serious about something!!! How Many of You Are Going to Make a Special Trip to Iowa for Some of Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken???



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