Is ‘Tasia Heading Back To Court Over Antwaun’s Trifling Behind???

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Looks like Fantasia is not in the clear in the lawsuit that was filed against her by Paula Cook for sleeping with her husband. Antwaun Cook’s wife Paula has filed an appeal against the ruling that she couldn’t sue you for alienation of affection based on the fact Fantasia’s lawyer and the judge presiding over the hearing had a prior relationship they failed to disclose!!

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  • Kekeza

    Dam dats wat homewreckers get :) dnt matter if she can sing or nt



  • Shananigans

    was it really worth it smh

  • Sexi_Redd

    its funny how ppl always blame the girl when a man cheats when its really the no good a** man they need to cut loose. if your home was so happy he wouldnt be tryin to get with other woman and i dont see his wife tryin to sue his trifflin a** she just want some d**m money! aint nobody force ur no good man to give his number to another chick.

    • tommykimon

      You are speaking the truth girly. All I keep hearing is that she is a home wrecker. I’m willing to bet money he approached her first.

  • lala

    She needs to let this go n move on.

  • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

    Looks like Tasia is regretting touching this troublesome di*k

    • Something Like a Pimp!

      I got one ? for her was it worth it and she aint even all the even all that wealthy!To be tryin steal D–ck off sum one else plate.

  • BuBBleS

    AnTwauN New What he was DoinG…If Tasia wasn’t Famous and antwuan saW her on The Street He wouldn’t even look her way Let’s keep it 100…& his wife just saw this as an opportunity to get money…if Tasia was just a normal chick this would never happen….

    • Sexi_Redd


  • G.M.

    look at that mouth…cant even blame cook for gettin some head from that…i mean, it looks so welcoming lol

    • Drippy_JerryCurl

      LOL!!!her mouth wide like some starving baby birds waiting for a worm!!!

  • cw

    Paula still trying to get paid huh? lol. Should have taken that 100k and bounced, but no, you wanted more so in the end you ended up with lint pockets.

    Anywho, the lawyer that defended the judge is from the same law firm as Fantasia’s lawyer. Paula is desperately grasping at straws. So is she trying to say that the judge shouldn’t have presided over the case because her attorney is from the same law firm as Fanny’s lawyer? This is apples vs. oranges.

    Paula, you’re still not gonna win anything. YOU LOST! Go sue your damn husband for breaking yall wedding vows. Take your a$$ back to your teaching job and go register for one of those online dating sites, lol.

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      You’ve just about summed it up. When Paula was offered that money as a settlement, she must’ve thought she could get more.

      Paula–you gambled on your man and lost. (don’t feel bad, hun. We ALL have been there)

      You gambled on the payout. And lost.

      What you leave with (intact) is your self-worth and dignity. You’re slowly losing that.

      Girl–let bygones be bygones. Let this shyt go so you can heal and move on.

      Tay-Tay–Hire me as your publicist!


      Really.. you should really take the time to read the adjoined story before commenting.. 3.2.1…. The presiding judge over the Tasia-Paul debacle.. was represented by Tasia’s lawyer when she got divorced!! 3.2.1… that relationship would be a conflict of interest in Paula’s case.. equalling a new trial! Good day!


      Actually at POST THIS WISDOM, YOU NEED TO TAKE THE TIME AND READ! The lawyer that represented the judge, who was a district attorney by the way works at the same law firm that Fantasia’s lawyer works at!It’s a huge law frm in Charlotte! Fantasia’s lawyer and the judge have no relation, she had nothing to d with the judges divorce which was almost 4 years ago! I am sorry but Ms, Paula needs to just move on!!

  • BuBBleS

    @ 1Truediva & cw…. ChurCh…AmeN…LOL

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I am kind of with y’all. Get over it already. Know when to hold them and when to fold them.

  • msbliss

    As much as fannie has irked me I want another season of Fantasia 4 Real!

  • The Gordon Fisherman

    “Wow, if I had my ole fishin pole, a strong line and a hook, I’d cook me a mess o wide-mouth fish”

  • michelle

    I don’t want to be mean to a black woman but couldn’t you guys use another picture? This picture makes her look like a stupid ape or monkey clapping her hands.

  • shinefromw1th1n

    Everybody seems so insensitive. She should just “get over it”? Wow. I don’t necessarily agree that she should get money but expecting her to just “get over it” is a little unrealistic. This man was her husband not just a bf or baby daddy. And regardless of what they were going through, they were still married. It just seems like nowadays it’s cool to be hoe$ and sleep with other people’s man. But I feel like if you’re gonna put yourself out there like that (messing around with someone elses man/husband) don’t be surprised when the shxt hits the fan and don’t act like the victim either. Paula do what you have to to get your point across. Maybe next time Tasia will think twice.

  • shinefromw1th1n

    With her ugly a$$.

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