What The Hell?? Woman Jailed And Charged Felony In School Residency Case

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ohio woman jailed in residency case Kelly Williams-Bolar

They can’t be serious with this fkery:

A Summit County woman will spend 10 days in jail after she was found guilty in a school residency case that could set a precedent for Ohio school districts. Judge Patricia Cosgrove also placed 40-year-old Kelly Williams-Bolar on two years of probation and ordered her to complete 80 hours of community service.

On Saturday, a jury found Williams-Bolar guilty on two counts of tampering with records. She was also facing one count of grand theft, but the judge declared a mistrial on that charge after the jury couldn’t reach a verdict. Williams-Bolar could have been sent to a state prison for up to 10 years, but Judge Cosgrove decided on a 10-day sentence in the Summit County Jail after weighing Williams-Bolar’s lack of criminal record with the seriousness of her crimes.

“I felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might think to defraud the various school systems,” Cosgrove told NewsChannel5 after the sentencing. Prosecutors said Williams-Bolar lived in Akron, but falsified enrollment papers in the Copley-Fairlawn School District so her two girls could attend schools for two years. Prosecutors said the lies cost the district about $30,000. Copley-Fairlawn does not have open enrollment and out-of-district tuition is about $800 per month.

The school district spent about $6,000 to bring the case to trial. That included hiring a private investigator who followed Williams-Bolar and her children around while secretly videotaping their movements. Superintendent Brain Poe said Copley-Fairlawn has lost hundreds of thousand of dollars because of parents illegally enrolling their children into the schools.

Poe said residency disputes are usually resolved after parents prove that they live in the district, pay tuition or remove their kids from the schools.This marked the first time that one of their residency challenges went before a jury in criminal court. Poe said prosecuting this case was meant to send a message.

“If you’re paying taxes on a home here… those dollars need to stay home with our students,” Poe said. However, family and friends of Williams-Bolar call this an unfair case of selective prosecution.

“Who’s looking at Copley and why they chose this particular young lady, this particular girl and not anyone else?” asked Bobbi Simpson, a friend of the family. Williams-Bolar is a teacher’s aide in the Akron school district and she’s pursuing her teaching degree. However, the judge pointed out that Williams-Bolar will not be allowed to be a teacher now that she has a felony record.

Williams-Bolar’s father, Edward Williams, also went on trial for grand theft. The jury also couldn’t reach a decision on the charge and the judge declared a mistrial. “They railroaded us. They couldn’t get me, but they tried to get my daughter. They wanted to hurt her,” Mr. Williams said after sentencing on Tuesday.

Edward Williams is not in the clear. Prosecutors said he’s still facing charges of grand theft and tampering with records for an unrelated fraud case. He’s due in court for a status hearing on January 24.

Prosecutors could also decide to retry Williams-Bolar and her dad on the grand theft charges, related to the Copley-Fairlawn school district, that ended in a hung jury.

Wow. So this woman (who was simply trying to allow her children to have a better education) has a felony on her record and can never even become a teacher??? SMH at the system…next time they need to “make an example” of some shady motherfugga who deserves it.

That’s justice for ya these days!



  • JustSaying

    Someone had it out for her.

  • smh

    sad either way you look at it. is it fare for her children to go to school where she is not paying taxes, probably higher taxes too. But it is far that she has to pay tuition for them to go to school out of the district if so is the tuition amount based on the actually extra cost that will insue???? Also is it fare to pick one of the many families doing it to make an example? if so why not make the rule everyone from this day forth, to keep the system unbias. either way I don’t know, but I know a lot of people on both sides of this issue.

    smh at her not being able to become a teacher.

    • Real Talk

      if anyone knows anything about the way Ohio funds its school system you know that they have been sued multiple times and lost because it is unconstitutional. I live in Ohio and father paid taxes in the school district. This area is 80-90% white..that is the problem. It is one of the best schools in the area and they don’t allow open enrollment. This women is now a fellon because she had the nerve to want something better for her children.

    • nope

      well the fact that you don’t know the difference between “fair” and “fare” show parents need to do whatever is necessary to ensure their kids get a good education.

  • The Beautiful One

    Complete fu.ckery… I think one should be able to send their kids to whatever school they’d like as long as they can get the kid to school each day without any problems.

    • Ri

      You should be able to send your child to ANY school that is public or that is private but receives any public funding.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    SMH! Wow, That’s really sad how they would invest all of their time to investigate her residency. If they spent more time ensuring ALL schools in that state receives equal learning opportunities then this wouldn’t even be an issue. How could you prosecute a mother who seeks the best for her children…SMH – shame on them!

  • Spoiled yapping dog

    This was someones idea of a vendetta, plain and simple. She did what any mother would do to provide the greatest opportunity for her kids. Alas since on this planet skin color is deemed a parameter of worth, she was dealing with substandard education and treatment where she lived, thus the deception.

  • samech

    ……what about homeschooling or moving…..?! Now look….wow.

  • God's__Angel

    More public lynching…..

  • Peppa

    KLeep It Real STFU.

    You obviously know nothing about nothing. This is not about anything opther than WHITE folk not wanting black kids to get a GREAT education for free. When it comes to education unless it is a private school, it should be free for everyone, no matter where you live. I lived in a very affluent mixed neighborhood, but the best High School in NJ, was in DwnTwn Newark NJ. Newark Science High School. That is where I went, and the school was no where near my residence. no one cared, or said anything. These lilly white schools and their racist Faculty

    • Keep it Real

      At least you could have the decency to admit you were wrong about Ted Williams. The greatest man in America “according to you”. :roll:

    • Anonymous

      Well, hell, since most of you must rent your apartments/houses, I’ll say it–she should’ve removed her kids from the school when they asked her too, period! I currently reside in an affluent mixed neighborhood in NJ and my kids attend the public schools and they have been going through an entire re-registrations since the summer. You have to prove you live in the district or either you pay the cost per pupil that us taxpayers pay or you remove your kids from the district. My taxes are sky high but I’m willing to pay them because my kids get to attend great schools. I recently heard a girl say she had an argument with some other student who doesn’t even live in this town. I work very hard for my money and half of my mortgage payments is for taxes alone, I’m not trying to fund kids who don’t live in the district and don’t pay anything toward sustaining the school system.

  • Tha Notorious D.I.C

    Faitlawn is just mad becuz Lebron left! ( that’s where his house in Ohio is located) they losing his taxes so they are trying to get any and everybody! SMDH

  • Over it...

    The sentence is excessive but the charge was warranted…

  • if anything be noble

    @ keep it real, she only dropped her kids off at a bus stop because she had no friends’ or relatives’ houses to use as her fake address and drop them off. Whitefolks don’t need to use a bus stop; they hide behind someone’s address but their kids don’t live there either. So, again, if we used all the al qaeda-ish investigative tools on everyone that were used on her, it wouldn’t take a month to stop scapegoating this woman and see what’s really up in that school district. This is just another example of the Black person being held up as the “criminal” when, in reality, there’s “criminal behavior” all around.

    • Keep it Real

      What are you talking about? She had her fathers house

  • mosiane

    A felony is overboard, this is all to make an example of a black woman to make sure others won’t try to come to their school.

    Maybe if education in the US was different and didn’t have so much location/quality disparity, then maybe this wouldn’t happen in the first place.


    there is an unseen war going on in the world today.just as in the bible god instructed moses to tell pharoah to let his people go so that they could worship him, the same is still going on today.i don’t think this is a case of the rich man(white) coming against the poor man(blk).its something much more evil and sinister than that. we’re in a war of good verses evil.come out of her my people, instructs god, before you share in the wraith that is about to take place upon the wicked.this is a sad case but my people hold on.help is on the way.god hears our every cry and he has not forgotten us.(crying as i type this).we are gods chosen people and the wicked know this.they also know that they have but a little more time before god sets up his righteous kingdom on this earth.as an ole song says IT MAKES ME WANNA HOLLA ,THEY WAY THEY DO MY LIFE.

  • innovatoor09

    This rule is crazy, but this is how district get money. She should not have went to jail for it.

  • Tonia

    The tragic part is that these wealthy white folks get welfare too in the form of tax brakes!!!! SMH!!!! It goes to show you racism is alive and well! Instead of vilifying this woman how about helping her!! No, that would be acting like a normal human being!!!! It goes to show how a lot of people want black folks to stay poor and destitute!!!

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