Brandy’s Dirty Tattoo Got A Facelift

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Brandy Ganesha Tattoo

Right after Christmas, Brandy showed off her latest tattoo of the Hindu elephant god Ganesha… and most of us noticed the same thing.

Her tattoo artist apparently noticed it too, TMZ reports, and about two weeks ago, he brought her back in to fix it.

The tattoo artist tells TMZ … Brandy’s work hadn’t been completed when she posted the photos online last month … but after certain people hinted the trunk resembled some male genitalia, the artist decided to snip the tip.

The artist, Peter Koskela, tells us, “I wanted to fix the offending tip … remove the whole phallic aspect. I told her I’d just swing it upwards.”

Brandy posted this fresh “after” picture on twitter on January 12 with way less fanfare than the original.

Brandy updated Ganesh tattoo

SMH at them not noticing the massive phallic symbol before ink hit Brandy’s wrist.



    And yet it’s still atrocious.

    • rene


  • Esa Chica Loco

    There is still a freaking elephant on your wrist! That’s the whole problem.

    • ebonyblode


  • Blessed Daughter

    Brandy, why are you promoting the image of a false god, when you know that Jesus is God, and that there is no other before or after him? Are you misled, or disobedient? Be careful young lady, you are treading on dangerous ground.

    • rene

      Amen. Brandy ya still my girl however,I am questioning your motives . God looks at the heart ,so I wonder what was in your heart when you proceded to put this certain tattoo on your body.?

    • chi-ROSS


    • clarkthink

      I ain’t seen him…..but, I heard him!!….he was calling me from an alleyway!!….but, i didn’t go down that alleyway….because it might have not been Jesus!! but, 2 or 3 n*ggas with a baseball bat!!

    • Lathspell

      Blessed Daughter, why are you promoting the image of a false god, when you know that Jesus is an invention, and that there is no such thing as God? Are you misled, or disobedient? Be careful young lady, you are treading on hypocritical ground.

  • Niasia

    It looks better. And blessed daughter what if people call your God fake! Christians just have to be absolute don’t they?

  • It's A Shame

    She shouldn’t have been such a follower getting a tattoo in the first place.

  • eric

    Jesus is a false god also

    • chi-ROSS


  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    She is a pretty woman with nice skin. Why add a flaw?

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  • miss prissy

    still dont like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Brandy’s Genitalia-Looking Tattoo Fixed [Pics Inside] : Grapevyn Entertainment

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  • Lavonne Weed

    Its even worst than b4…. get dat lazered

  • I love Tamron Hall

    WHACK x 2!!! Why is she trying so hard??

  • Lyoness

    I think the tattoo is cool. but I’m just surprised about the size and placement. It’s too big for her wrist. Maybe she should’ve have made the tattoo smaller or put it somewhere else.



  • KocaKola

    Sorry arm, hand and neck tattos NEVER look good on a female. They make u look ignorant, tacky and ghetto. And shouldnt she be more focused on her failing singing career.

    • It's A Shame

      They look bad on men too. Tattoos are ugly period.

    • =)

      Yes, women should stick with tramp stamps…those are Much better, and not at all “ghetto”.

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