Blind Item: Housewife Or Ho???

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According to sources, one of America’s favorite reality show “wives” isn’t as innocent and demure as she looks.

Though the voluptuous beauty is happy to point out that her longtime mate wronged her, insiders are saying that’s not the whole story. Apparently, the reality show queen has been doing her own thing for quite some time. In fact, she’s allegedly been getting it in with a rather handsomely compensated entertainment big wig.

No word on whether the baller and “Mrs. Jones” will keep their thing going on. Sadly, most people believe the lady is well within her rights. Her man’s raucous lifestyle didn’t give them a shot at fidelity.




  • Do more reading

    Women cheat anyway…Its just not talked about, but amonst other women.Whoever she is probley BEEN doing the other dude B4 she got with current dude….

  • Lola

    Either Jen fromBball wives or NeNe from Housewives

    • blah

      I think it’s Jen. I don’t think anyone would consider Nene “demure”.

  • WOW

    NeNe and Tyler Perry!

  • nana


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  • MissNOLA

    “Keeping up with the Jones'”
    Definitely NENE LEAKES!!

  • Domo

    This sounds like something Camille Grammar(Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) would do…I think its her and Kelsey, she plays the victim a lot but is always up in some mans face(ex. Kissin that married man in the mouth infront of his wife)

  • Dee

    I wouldn’t consider Camille Grammar or Jennifer (from b-ball wives”voluptous”.
    So this sounds like it could be NeNe.
    I learned in life, trust NO ONE, but God and you will be fine.

    • Acting is right!

      You might want to check Camille again. She is carrying basketballs. Purchased of course. And I do thik this post is about Camille.

  • Breeze

    At first I thought it was Jen of Basketball wives, but after rereading the part about “Mrs. Jones” and remembering NeNe from RHOA saying in the opening that “We don’t keep up with the Joneses- we ARE the Joneses”, I now think it’s NeNe.

  • BootyBoi

    I’m sure none of them are.

  • Oooh Weee!!

    Shaunie O’Neal maybe? o_O

  • sucka4luv

    its the thick girl with the huge boobs from who wants to date Chili!

    • sucka4luv

      or Wendy Williams?

  • Coop

    Irv Gotti’s wife Deb.

  • be real

    thought ya’ll was talking about steve harvey marrying his jump -off!!!

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