WTF!?!?: Some Sick F**ker Dropped Off A Dog-sicle In A Man’s Front Yard

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Some white people just have a sick sense of humor.

Canadian authorities have launched an animal cruelty investigation after a dog was discovered encased inside a block of ice on a man’s front lawn.

The dead dog was discovered by the homeowner on January 15 – and he has told authorities he did not know the black border collie and has no idea how the block of ice came to arrive on his property.

Marcie Moriarty, a spokeswoman from the British Columbia animal protection society, said: ‘It’s a bizarre and very upsetting case.

‘Inside the block of ice, which looks to have been made from a large rubber bin, was the frozen corpse of a medium-sized black dog.’

Miss Moriaty told the Vancouver Sun that initial investigations suggested the animal was dead before it was placed in the ice.

‘That’s the only salvation,’ she said. ‘It had puncture wounds consistent with being in a dog fight.

‘I thought I’d seen everything but when I opened the file I was blown away. It’s so disturbing. Anyone who would do something so sick, I’m concerned if they have other animals in their custody.’

The Dawnson Creek houseowner discovered the dead animal on January 15. He does not have any pets and is completely baffled why the dog was left on his lawn.

Hopefully no one will try to blame this on Mike Vick…SMH


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