Random Flicks: The Odoms, Pilar Sanders And Kids, Kelly Rowland, Etc. (Photo Gallery)

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  • Divine

    Too bad she’s not wearing them with a better outfit.

  • chaka1

    The Kartrashians get a million photos while black celebrities get 3.

  • http://mobile j phillips

    kelly has always been the only girl in this industry I have ever considered to be wifey material. kelly….if you are reading this…..all I wanna do is taste it.

    • lesbiyonna

      Note to the ladies: when a man says “all I wanna do is taste it” what he really means is “I have a small penis and no personality” I do agree with you Kelly is wifey material, but by the tone of you’re comment, You mr. j phillips ARE NOT husband material…you’re like creepy guy next door lurking material


    Deion Sanders is one lucky azz man, because PILAR is AWESOME!!! Fellas, I gotta ask, have you ever seen a more BANGING female than this?? Maybe if more single Black women took care of themselves like Pilar does, there would be a lot less of them. Kelly Rowland is okay, but she’s fallen off a bit, and as for Khloe, She actually looks kind of nice for a change and not like the grizzly bear that she has looked like at times….😈

  • Gymo

    Khloe has great legs, *surprised* better legs than Kim. There is something genuine about Khole that I like.

    Pliar is gorgeous, Lucky Deion.

  • indeed

    Seriously Kelly is the most beautiful black girl in the industry!!! She is wife material! So humble and so beautiful!

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