Kanye’s New Jawn: “Love Lock Down”

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Here’s Yeezy’s video for his new single, “Love Lock Down.” Enough with the vocorder crap already people. It’s played. The video itself is unique, however. Hopefully it’ll encourage other artists to start thinking outside of the box.

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  • iluvprada


  • azdelish

    I miss the humble Kanye

  • iluvprada

    Ummm…I really don’t care for the video or the song. This is defiantly ‘NOT’ one of my favorites by Kanye!

  • http://www.wesmokemarijuana.com wesmokemarijuana.com

    We are now beginning to see the limitations of Kanyes’ producing abilities.

  • Oshie ("we're here speaking to the mad rapper today, and, quite frankly, he's very mad")

    Song sucks, video is subpar.

  • samira

    I think that I am the only person on the planet that actually likes this song. My problem is the video. It’s nice and visually stimulating, but I just don’t get the concept.

  • ...kayne..

    I feel that this video was very unique and inspirational indeed. I really liked the whole theme of the video along with the song itself. Kayne is a very creative artist and people fail to realize that its more than music than just shaking your behind, making money and drinking. For once, there is someone who is thinking with culture,diversity, art, and inspirational things that they find inspiring. Only great minds can appreciate this man’s work.:)

  • spinner 22

    getting ready to watch kanye on ellen to see what he has to say its been awhile i watched video i dig it its not my fav of his but appreciate the mans drive

  • Gyrl

    I love this song, merely because it’s so DIFFERENT from every single solitary song that is out right now. Now the video??? umm i dun get it

    but the song, yeah this is it

  • Stellargirl Swag!!!!!!

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I love kanye, but this song and video suck- HARD!!

  • white male

    kanye that was weird seriously. looked like a very low budget and weird video. Song might sound good in a club or something so i’ll not judge it yet but not a great vid

  • spinner 22

    Rofl kanye hilarious on ellen

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    I think that I am the only person on the planet that actually likes this song.

    It’s nice and visually stimulating, but I just don’t get the concept.



    Naw you ain’t the only one that likes the song… I like the song a lot too… Too many people want there favorite artist to rap/sing about the same stuff (*showing no growth or change) and when the artist decides to experiment or do something different they complain…

    The video, I don’t understand it but considering Kanye’s latest moves as it relates to art he wants you to go huh? in order to provoke discussion…

  • no names were left

    Well I actually really like this song, found myself humming it several times a day, and I kinda grasp the concept of the video….Its Love LOCKDOWN and if you notice that the entire room is sterile and its I guess supposed to be like hes some kind of crazy person in the padded white room whre they makes you hug yourself. However even tho the walls it self isnt padded, you cant mistake the likeness of that too the padded room in the asylum….so basically what i got is that he’s crazy and on lockdown……..hence the reason for all the images we see……..HES CRAZY! lol so he is seeing things.

    As for the love part, I havent figured out that one yet, I guess I gotta read the lyrics of the songs I try to figure that out, but in all I loved the video, very interesting and it had me thinking.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    The song is butt and the video don’t make no sense. Just because it’s unique I’m supposed to appreciate it? Are you kiddin me??


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