The Game Recap: Malik Wrigh Is A Mess!

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Malik Wright Mugshot

Malik Makes Bail

After his infamous police officer push in Episode 3, Malik is released from jail on bail. But he doesn’t get such a warm welcome after his release. The blood thirsty media is ready for an exclusive and former teammate and “Benched” anchor Jason Pitts is the leader of the pack. The self-serving Jason Pitts’ opportunistic ways are really obnoxious the season. By the way, I miss Kelly…do you?

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  • Rico Love

    Why is this show only 30mins again. BET you have to do better.

    • kalifa

      this show has ceased being funny …. it has no heart or humor and has become very predictable and stereotypical….

      should have stayed canceled :(

  • Lova

    More like who’s his barber and photoshop artist…hilarious hairline…lol

    • mscreative


  • polo

    last nite was one of the better episodes…………bet still can do better…… jealouse of the hairline tho.i have

    • mamamoney

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  • It's Me

    man that show is for the birds. This cat is the dumbest one! I wanna just stick this rod in his mom’s mouth to shut that h*e up.

  • Mrs. Mc

    @ It’s Me, don’t mess with Tasha Mack she is the @#$%. With love, L O V E.

  • Keeping 100-100% of the TIME!

    And for the record.. all successfull black business women aren’t LOUD, BRASH, MEN EMASCULATORS! There are some of us that know how to be the business woman outside of the home and a lady/wife/mother that supports her African King inside the home! Allowing him to take his rightful place a head of the household!!!!

    • Lisa

      I agree with both of your post. I feel the same way.

  • teetee

    this show is for the birds. Every week I keep hooping that it will get better but it only gets worse. The charachters are stupid to say the lease. we should get a petition to cancel the writers that they have to give the show a chance

  • What??

    His hair cut’s got to go! I can’t take it! LMBO!

  • nikki88

    its about time the show started getting good. hopefully this is were all the wack stuff starts turning around

  • fabchick

    I agree with however said they don’t like Melanie. I kind of agree. I don’t like how they are developing her character at all. She’s acting selfish and self centered. The show is still not on its old level but last night was one of the best ones since its been on BET imo.

  • tommykimon

    It was soo good last night. I was so disappointed when Derwin didn’t show up for the press conference. Glad Malik is doing something to keep his dumb azz out of jail.

  • Superior ONE!


  • Are You Serious?

    Writing on this show is WEAK!

    They need to employ the writers they had before, maybe since he going through a divorce, Kelsey Grammar will partner up again so they can get some better writers.

  • Muffy

    I’m highly disappointed with this season. Their just doing too much.

  • mstay

    I think the show is great last night was especially good I think its sad how we r so quick to give up on our black sitcoms I mean what r y’all expecting

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