Tracy Morgan Drops Ex-Girlfriend For Another Woman And She Rewards Him With A Kidney?!

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Tracy Morgan addiction

When Tracy Morgan is in a life or death situation, who does he call? Not his family or his friends, but his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Hall… who by the way he left for another woman!

In Decemeber of 2010, Tracy Morgan:

“Needed a kidney to undergo life-saving surgery last month, he turned to his ex-girlfriend for help, but according to the star’s brother and mother, he kept his operation a secret from his family.

Even while shacked up with brother James Morgan, Tracy never mentioned the need for a new kidney…

And how did his fam find out about the kidney transplant you ask? Via the internet of course! His brother James Morgan says:

“I just found out on the Internet last month that he had the operation. I really didn’t believe it. I thought it was just a stunt or something. I thought maybe that’s a misprint.”

After a long battle with his addictions, Tracy Morgan is giving the sober life a shot. Let’s hope he’s getting it together!


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