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Jennifer Hudson talks more about her engagement and recent film in the upcoming issue of Jet magazine:

The recently engaged 27-year-old shared exclusive details with Jet magazine about how her fiancé, Harvard-educated attorney David Otunga, popped the question and what he asked her mother. He proposed and gave me a ring, said Hudson of the 5-carat Neil Lane platinum ring,

while refuting gossip that her engagement is a publicity stunt. It was very romantic; he’s a very unique, different individual. I am happy. But the good news doesn’t stop there. Armed with a debut CD and a starring role in the soon-to-be released movie, “The Secret Life of Bees,” Hudson

says she’s especially excited about the film’s message. It’s a film about togetherness and sisterhood. At the hardest times, those women came together and showed what we could do if we all just come together.

Well if she’s happy with Señor Suspect, then good for her.


  • Brook Lynn Choclate Gyrl (Happy Hump Day)

    How does punk afford such a diamond from neil lane????

  • da darkness

    i gotta get a better….reason for why she is in the spot light. i need another vacation. mega heads in the atl are feeling her, i’m flabbergasted. is she voting for obama? eff AIG n the other swindlers

  • I'm Just Me- Buffalo Bills (4-1) WE GOT THE CHARGERS ON THE 19th!!!!



  • Re

    I don’t understand her interest in that man, but to each his/her own…



  • da darkness

    by the way folks i could of been first but wanted to be a gentleman to the coco hun.

  • He's Presidential

    I still don’t think he is gay. Don’t worry about can he afford it. Can you? Why are people constantly worrying about everyone’s money.

  • Black Beauty

    I wish her the best, but her future husband is suspect as hell. Everytime I turn around, she is with someone else, and now she has settled for this one.SMH


    she bought her own ring

  • And...

    Harvard grad huh? I guess that makes him ok.

    Vapid celebs…

    So, Bush graduated from Yale.

    David wouldn’t have made it a semester at an HBCU.

  • Tealeaf

    I guess he made a good salary from I luv NY..maybe he get a movie role from this relationship

  • Mrs. Rodriguez

    I like Jennifer, but wasn’t she just engaged to her longtime boyfriend just last year?? Now, she is engaged to someone else. Wow, I think Hollyweird is starting to take effect.

  • Erykah

    What happened to her high school sweetheart who she was engaged to last year after the Oscars!! I guess she left his behind in Chi-Town. I guess he didn’t have the staying power that a clown who left his job as a lawyer to go on a reality show to win the hand of some nasty chick!! Husband material!! NOT!!!

  • Marquis de Sade

    I see the Jet Magazine, but where’s the beauty?

  • Roni

    Wish them the best,but Jennifer you better take a page from Star Jones and get that prenup.

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