Would You Pay To Smell Like Khlomar???

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Unbreakable Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

We didn’t realize that Khloe and Lamar are still trying to convince us all that they’re swirl thang is forever.

Via Celebuzz.com:

The reality TV stars and loving married couple are preparing to release their joint fragrance, Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar—the first and only celebrity unisex fragrance—and, as luck would have it, the new scent will be hitting stores on February 12. Just in time to pick up a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for the loved one in your life.

Kardashian took to her official Web site on Friday to dish about the new fragrance, enthusing,

“Lamar’s and my fragrance is launching in a week and we could not be more excited!!! It’s called Unbreakable by Khloé and Lamar and it’s designed for both men and women. This project has been in the works for months now and we were involved every step of the way to make sure the fragrance was a true fusion of ourselves and our personalities. We are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!!! We’ve both been wearing it every day since its completion and I can’t stop smelling myself LOL. People literally stop me and ask what I’m wearing and the fact that I can say my own fragrance blows my mind!!!”

This absolutely unnecessary stunt you can buy was brought to you by Make-It-Rain-Kris.

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    • kalifa

      lamar looks semi-retarded and khloe is a loud fat pig

      not even vagrants would want this piss water for free😦

  • nymphis

    just strain a liter of pigfeet thru a funky gym sock and you can smell just likem

  • daisy jay

    I’d rather sit next to Jim Jones on a crowded subway while a mutant ninja rat climbs on me.

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    Who ever was dumb enough to buy their credit cards will be dumb enough to buy their fragrance.

  • aboveitall

    Heck no. They both look stink.

    • kalifa


  • bTi

    Who wants to endorse these fools? With over 50 or 70 dollars on some Toilet water spray? Man I rather drop that money in the streets. Than to to endorse this khlomar foolery.

  • luVn_liFe

    AAAAaaaah NO”

  • samech


  • Tinkerbell

    @Glok u funny! Lmao!

  • sweetheart


  • starlite

    No, I do not want to smell like Lamar Odom or Keith Kardashian


    Smells like desperation. #notimpressed

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Uh, I’ll p@ss.

  • Shananigans

    wow…and no

  • Diamante

    Y does Khloe have her dumb self in here posing as Jasmine? I thought u had a job or atleast somethin better to do!

    • Yeah....OK

      She does…theyre sitting around right now making up more dumb a$$ products for the public to buy…..

  • it's what makes a subaru a subaru

    Even if we weren’t in a recession, where is the market for this? They are not Posh and Becks/Jay-Z and Beyonce. Whatever we think about either couple, they have a wide fan base; Khloe and Lamar really, really don’t. Nobody is checking for Khloe and Lamar like that……

  • Mya

    Dang Khloe umm i mean Jasmine u know a lot about these folk dont cha? “wink wink” Dont u have somethin better to do instead of coming in here and checkin these comments? Y dont u and ya “I pimp my kids and ugly husband out for a living” mom go back and think of more lies to put out about Kobes wife because nobody believed that last 1!

    • jasmine

      I am actually African; but from your comments, it sure takes a lot of mustard for a black man to hold his own in America. For even his own people are ready to tear him to pieces with mob mentality everytime!!!

    • beckytwg

      @Mya; LMFAO.. Amen..

      Here’s a thought.. Ted Williams should get Kris Jenner (the skanks Momanger) to rep him, I bet she can get him a gig as the next Host of the Not-So-Reality-Rehab Show… look out Dr. Drew

    • Hmm....

      Jasmine..i mean Khloe shut the hell up….you dont know fu!k sh1t about black america!!!!

  • Oooh Weee!!

    Aww he-ll naw… 😄😄

    s/n:: Did that heffa just say “educative”? Scratch Khloe – that’z Kourtney… #educativeFAIL

    • jasmine

      I see you you with your non SAT oriented grammar.

  • RahRAH

    Whatevea KHLOE! Tha only system u need is NURTI-SYSTEM! Haaaaahaaaa! #FatPigInTheBlanket!

    • jasmine

      I just hate my opinions being attributed to Khloe or some other white person. Black people have diverse deductive reasoning too. By the way I think ‘slang’ rhetoric is cool too. But if you judge my writing, I will judge yours as well.

  • Gia

    Wow i cant believe what i seeing in here tonite! I cant believe the Kardashians look at the comments in here act like theyre sumbody eles and then have the nerve to post comments about their self! Wow im truly shocked! As a fan of theirs im stunned….They must also do this on other sites too? Well theyve truly lost a major fan in me! #CountMeOut!

    • jasmine

      Here is a Bemba send off phrase: ‘Shaleni po pali ino inshinta. Naya muku lala.’ It pretty much means ‘Bye for now I am going to sleep.’ Again in all things; objectivity rules–even in a hard place. Peace

  • Elena

    Boy u can tell Lamar “ET” Odom is on tha road because his “FrankenBride” doesnt have anything eles better to do but come in here and argue with us common folk! #ETHurryUpAndPhoneHome!

  • Ashley Banks

    Sad sad sad damn tha Kardashian r sad! Just u because a DUMB black man married u doesnt mean u up on your black history or that u as a WHITE retard can tell us black women how to treat black men! We would rather not deal with self loathin idiots like Lamar so we let yall have him! With his “raw dogg” head self #HeIsNotFineAnyway

  • Littleenglander


  • bouyant

    unbreakable!! hey girl what are you wearing? unbreakable” huh? whats that? eww..lol

  • Tm30

    I actually like the name.

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