Meet The Real Housewives Of Miami

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Real Housewives of Miami

Now that Bravo’s announced that it’s pushing back the return of the “Real Housewives of New York”, the network is promoting the new season of the franchise in Miami.

According to a press release, Bravo will return with its new season of “Real Housewives” on February 22 at 10 p.m., this time in the sunshine state.

The newest series follows six of the “most connected and influential” women of Miami as they live their lives in the city where the party never stops.

Included in the cast is NBA legend Scotty Pippen’s wife, the ex-wife of NBAer Glenn Rice and a cast member described as the “Cuban Barbie Doll.”

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  • Lisa

    I didn’t realize there were no black women in Miami, just like the NY housewives.

    • jmagic

      Thats why there basketball wives,and none of them are married so i guess there arent any married black women in miami

    • Chaka1

      There are only two white women – Leah Black and the one who was married to Glen Rice. The rest are Latinas and one Middle Easterner. There are no black divas in the Miami Beach social scene except for Barbara Becker who used to be married to Boris Becker.

    • Chaka1

      You could count Alonzo Mourning’s wife, but I can’t imagine her in this plastic surgery crowd.

    • Deedee_404

      First, being Cuban or Lebonese does not change the fact that they are white, because we clearly can tell the difference between them and the black people of their respective nations. Christy Rice ought to be be on basketball wives because she a a Gran Dame gold digger.As for Pippen’s wife, I hope she can duck and move better than the other women in his past

    • Chaka1

      What do you want them to do? Create something that doesn’t exist? Hire a black actress who is black enough for you. There are hardly any black women on the high-society Miami Beach social scene. I named you two and they don’t hang in this particular crowd. Get over your attitude. Not everything is racism!

    • Deedee_404

      Miami’s social scene has quite a few black women of extreme wealth. Like Alonzo Mourning’s wife, they would never be caught dead pedalling their lives on television. You are very right, it is not about racism, it is about personal pride.

  • Sa.s.sy24

    wow another one, why?




  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    no black wives?

  • himdownstairs

    I can already tell this show needs more color. I hope these ladies have it together…unlike those Hos on Basketball Wives. I mean!

  • himdownstairs

    Good for RHOM for bringing in some Latin and Middle Eastern flava! LOL

    • Amc

      You see less middle eastern people on tv then you do black people. Its pretty refreshing to see that.

    • Deedee_404

      No Saudi Arabian wives in Miami?

  • blackwomanstink

    I love that the latin women on this show have taste and didn’t sign up for basketball wives just because they WERE married to a baller. Monkeys always trying to make money off a n*gga smh

    • Black British sista

      Ignorance is the biggest epidemic in society and you exhibit that.Get an education and rid yourself of that inferiority complex you have against black women.Oh this site is for black people so bounce.

  • southern twist


    why are you screaming this on a black site go to tmz… blacks want to be accepted by whites do bad !! if ya hate black women why bother with them go live in a lily white world with white women LMAO ya know that’s not happening huh even if ya get a white woman ya still not white or wanted in their society LOL ya still go back to ya own

  • http://yahoo Tiffany

    This show will not do good cuz there are no black women how come bravo will do 18 show RHWO on white women but One on black women bravo u know were the rating at so get with the program PLEASE


    People of color are the most beautiful people in the world. I love to see men/women with Melanin, and the darker your are the more blessed your are with the beauty of the Most High…Melanin. This is a gift, the sun doesn’t harm you but regenerates you. The people with no color are cursed, and the sun is harmful to them. It’s called leprosy in the bible and it’s a curse…that why they want to tan all the time, a natural response when you know you should have color. There is a lot of hate surrounding people of color, but just realize that the same people calling you bywords, are the same ones that are inwardly jealous of the blessing bestowed onto you. LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN!!!


    Im Mad They Bringing This Garbage To My Hometown.. And They Aint Even Include Not 1 Black Person..

  • piink'effect

    I tot they would b some sistas n dere this is miami we talkin about.. Oh well not interested anyways..

  • sportstalk23

    Notice it said two of them broads are the Ex-wives of ballers Pip and Glenn Rice so once again another so called Housewife show and per usual aren’t all wives lol. I knew it was a matter of time when Miami got into the mix, yall know Real Housewives of Dallas,Chicago,Philly
    Seattle,Boston,Portland and Louisville are just around the corner lol

  • Camille

    I’m trying to figure out why people keep bringing up basketball wives & saying it’s “black”. Last I checked there were 4 black women & 3 Latinas…just saying.

  • blackwomenstink

    @ southerntwist

    I don’t remember bringing up white women, being that half of the cast is hispanic. Black people hate their skin more than anybody else and they stink. End of story

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