Epitome Of A Bad Mother/Babysitter: Kristal Khan Falls Asleep While Baby Drowns In The Next Room

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This is one of those stories that will piss you off as much as it will make you sad.

A baby-sitter told a court how she awoke from a deep sleep to discover an 11-month-old boy she was supposed to be watching had fallen into a bucket of water and drowned.

Little James Farrior died in just six inches of water after toppling head-first into the three-foot-tall blue plastic bucket.
Kristal Khan, 29, admitted dropping off to sleep after chugging NyQuil because she had run out of non-drowsy DayQuil to help soothe her cold.

But she was woken by her four-year-old son, who said: ‘Mommy, James is in the water.’

Khan ran into the kitchen of her Queens, New York, home that doubled as a daycare centre and found the baby upside down.

‘I saw James half in and half out of the bucket,’ she said in a videotaped statement given to investigators in the hours after the tragedy in June, 2009.

‘I picked him up and tried to rub his back,’ she added.

In the same tape, the baby-sitter used a plastic doll to show how the child was bent at the waist leaning into the bucket.
She said she had put water in it the night before to mop up food colouring her daughter had spilled onto the floor.

The Trinidad-born baby-sitter faces four years in prison if she is convicted of a charge of reckless assault.

Kristal Khan

The District Attorney, Leigh Bishop, is giving Khan the SUPER side-eye…

…Bishop said the baby was left alone for one hour while Khan slept – and she showed little emotion when police officers arrived to find the child lying unresponsive by the bucket.
‘She was calmly and without emotion telling police what had happened,’ added Bishop.
‘She was very calm. She didn’t seem to be upset,’ said Detective Brian Simonsen, one of the officers who rushed to the scene.

What the fawk was on ITCHBAY mind?!?!? Cold or no cold, you deal with that ISHT. What you DON’T do is chug NyQuil like Gatorade while you’re watching someone’s child! Best believe the judge is going to sit you down to think about how, in the words of the great Antoine Dodson,”you are SO dumb!” SMH….woo-sah…



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