New Black Kid On The Block Is White?: Micky Munday Is From South Central With A Flow And Street Cred? [Video]

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Bossip: How was it being white growing up in those neighborhoods?

Micky: “I experienced a lot in a short time. My pops was in and out my life, just like most inner city kids. I got the occasional  beef about my color or the “white boy,” blah-blah, but…

The NBKOTB takes a spin this week as we exclusively talk to a White M.C. from South Central named “Micky Munday.” Although Micky is white, in this new day an age… color lines were not drawn out in the hoods he grew up in:

Bossip: How old are you?

Micky: 24

Bossip: Where are you from?

Micky: I’m From L.A.

“Mickey’s Monster Freestyle That’s Been Killing Underground L.A. Hip Hop”

Bossip: What part?

Micky: West Adams District, Crenshaw District-South Central

Bossip: How was it being white growing up in those neighborhoods?

Micky: I experienced a lot in my life. My pops was in and out my life, just like most inner city kids. Sometimes he was around and sometimes he wasn’t. He was suicidal so that affected me in a different way. Now that I am older and have my own family… I gotta better understanding of what can drive a man to those types of things. But growing up… we lived in L.A., the Valley and in South Central… so, I’m like a chameleon… I can adapt to different situations. I’m used to the experience of different people. In South Central, I got the occasional  beef about my color or the “white boy,” blah-blah, but I ain’t no punk. Let me be clear… I am not a gangster, but came from a gangster environment. So, I don’t wanna come off like I am puffing out my chest, but I am far from a boy.

Bossip: We know you dropped the Monster Freestyle to display lyrical ability… who are some of the people that inspired you to rap?

Micky:  Well, poetry was a big part of my writing. Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Big-L… I like the legends. They inspire me. But, I do just like great music… Beatles, Nirvana. I am a fan of music that makes people cry… grown men cry… Michael Jackson and others who left a impact. You know, only thing guaranteed in life is death and I am trying to guarantee that I am remembered… I want to be remembered when I’m gone… so it’s like I never left!

“Mickey’s Now Or Never Video”

Bossip: You said you got a seed?

Micky: My daughter is 15-months.

Bossip: Is your daughter interracial?

Micky: Yes, and I have a good woman. All that interracial hating hardly reaches my ears. I am raising my daughter with my girl… she is a good girl… we decided to have a baby. She just happens to be black… but I have dated white girls, Spanish girls, and other races. In L.A., its not that uncommon to see a family like mine at the store, or at the restaurant… it’s L.A. and people do what makes them happy. I just want to be successful. I want to give my daughter and family the things I didn’t have. I am not a bad person, so karma and life should work out for me. Taking care of the people I love and care about is first in my priority book as far as an artist.

Bossip: Anything you got coming up you want the people to know about?

Micky: I got my mixtape dropping on February 14th. It’s called Smokin’ Break. It’s a variety of freestyles and original records. I have good production on there; THX, Phonix, Dubyou. I got my boy Preach Da Truth, Saint, BJ The Chicago Kid, and a girl named Dwanna. I got the Monster Freestyle on there and the Now And Never jawn. I got something for everybody. It’s some mellow ride to music and some hood sht.

Bossip: Are you signed?

Micky: My own company… Press Entertainment.

Bossip: Anything you want the readers to know?

Micky: Be on the lookout for Mickey Munday. This year 2011 we making a big push. It’s feel good music and it needs to come back. I do my homework on the lyrics so things are in place. Basically, look out for me in 2011 and in the future…. because I’m coming one way or the other!

“Mickey Performing At Cabana In Hollweird”

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