Five Things Black People Should Know Today

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2. Got work? Great, chances are you’ll keep it. Unemployment is still dismally high (approximately 14 million Americans are still out of work). So what’s the good word? Fewer companies are cutting jobs. According to recent studies corporations have “planned” to cut fewer jobs this January than they have since1993. This means the chances of getting laid off may be few and far between — at least for now.


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  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    cholera? I haven’t heard of that…

    • Do more reading

      Well if the strain mutates, u WILL hear alot more about it.And I will be soooo glad when we are free from the middle east oil chokehold…what will they do when “western culture” finally stays here?

  • Getem

    I think I’m going to start taking the train or bus to work. These gas prices are exceptionally ridiculous.

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