Thigh High’s Ain’t For Everybody But Miss Laurence Rocks Them Like They Were Made For Him

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Miss Laurence RHOA

Miss Laurence, who so kindly took the focus off the Kim Zolciak’s three second “sanging” career, performed at the Museumbar in a pair of brown thigh high red bottoms (Christian Louboutins) pairing it with a snakeskin print. He is definitely wearing those boots but that reptile concoction he has going on… not sooo much.

Are You Feeling Brown Thigh High Christian Louie B’s Minus Laurence???



  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    Lol he cracks me up! he wears more stilletos than me!

  • Superior ONE!!!

    How many types of wrong is this, let me count the ways…..

  • RuPauly

    U Better Work!! Now sashay away..

  • cMEnDAstreets

    I wonder if his songs will ever get played on the radio nationally…

    • Shoni

      Those songs never make it main stream because of it the target audience. The gays have their own network and whatever. So their music gets out.

  • luVn_liFe

    No thigh highs ARE NOT for everyone,however those boots are Fierce!”

  • Do more reading

    OK see yall need to make a disclamer about these fake feMALES…I thought Miss Laurence was a REAL female, not a fagmale…come on son,getthafukouttaherewitthatbullshid. WHY do yall black females pump the heads of these misfits?? please help me understand what is not worng with this picture?

    • It's Me

      I feel ya man. it fooled me too. that why I had to slam this punk b*tch below…

  • bouyant

    he is cute, but why women clothes? i will never get it.

  • bouyant

    there is indeed a bulge in his pants, he is packing.haha. must hurt to think you are a girl, but have that thing in the way.

  • u and ur freedom

    Black men rflol. Dang thats all you see them and their boyfriends. Their baby mamas dragging kids no man lol. Fat white chucks and budda heads with black men bragging about ripping up their azz holes. AND THIS IS BLACK MAN’S FREEDOM IN AMERICA LOL

  • Soul Touch


  • WOW!!!


  • lt

    Jesus take the wheel.

  • LOLA

    Go Lawrence!!!!!!

  • tommykimon

    Cute boots! not everybody can pull off thigh highs

  • Sha

    all that confusion with the title and picture has drained me….on that note good day all.

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