Update: Bronx Kidnap Victim Carlina White’s Birth Mom Says She’s In It For The Cash

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Carlina White Joy White

It’s been an emotional roller coaster to say the least for Carlina White and her biological family since their reunion last month following her kidnapping 23 years ago.

And the drama continues: Carlina’s birth mother Joy White says she’s become unresponsive and reports say Carlina won’t talk to the media without money.

“It’s been pretty tough,” said White. “I wanted to have a relationship with my daughter.” She now feels like she has lost her daughter twice, and Carlina has, according to her birth mother, grown distant and mercenary. Carlina White would not comment to Today and will only speak for money, it was reported.

Once the discovery of Carlina’s true background was made – she had contacted the hotline of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – Carlina, who was going by the name Nejdra Nance, came to the Bronx to meet her birth parents. After a four-day reunion, Carlina returned to Atlanta, where she lives, then came back to the Bronx a day later to be photographed and tell her story to the New York Post, Today’s Meredith Vieira reported.

“I was on such a high when I was reunited with my daughter,” said Joy White “I was floating on air. Everything seemed so great.”

But on the second visit it could be detected that Carlina acted distant, according to Joy, who also admitted there may have been a loyalty conflict brought on by pressure from the other family of Carlina – who has gone back to using the name Nejdra Nance.

“It really hurts,” said Joy White, who described herself as “heartbroken, but I do understand that is her family. She was brought up by them. She’s with that family. That’s all she knows. [But] I’m her mother. It hurts not to have my daughter. I want her back.”

There are also questions about a $750,000 settlement Joy White and her husband received from the hospital after the kidnapping. White said a major portion of that money was put into trust for Carlina until the time she turned 21. As she is now 23, the money is “gone,” said White, also speaking for her husband, Carl Tyson. “We both had to live.” They also have two other children.

“I’m disappointed, because this was a miracle that happened. It’s mind-blowing,” said White. “It hurts me that it’s about money.”

But Carlina’s birth father is telling a different story.

Presenting a conflicting view on CBS’s The Early Show on Tuesday, Tyson said, “I speak to my daughter every morning and text her.” He made no mention of any problems, except for the distance between him and Atlanta. “I just wish she were close to me,” he said.

And just for good measure, the FBI is throwing some more BS into the mix.

NBC News reported that FBI and law authorities were tipped off six years ago about Carlina’s situation but failed to follow through. In addition, alleged kidnapper Ann Pettway is facing a delay of at least two more weeks in a grand jury’s decision in her case.

We smell another lawsuit.

Do you think Carlina’s trying to cash in on her tragic story? Or is Joy White throwing her daughter under the bus for attention?


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  • ignoranceisbliss

    This is beginning to sound disgusting….SMH

    • tanis

      tell it! i think they both are in it for something. smh this was supposed to be a joyous union but with some folks, it just cant be that. it has to be about money and fame. when is family enough?

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    • terri

      The money was for her Parent’s grief over losing her, even though they put some away for her it was only given to them for their pain in suffering NOT HERS. She needs to sue Harlem Hospital herself. I’m sure she could settle out of court for a quarter million easily.


    her mama aint right

  • Walter

    I say why not get paid for it. Celebrities do it all the time. When Lindsay Lohan first went to jail, people were shopping her post jail interview around.

    So, why can’t Carlina do the same thing?

    • The Truth 4 Liars

      Why can’t she do the same thing? We all know she can, but whether its right is a different story. God is the reason why her and her mother were able to meet after all these years and money did not have anything to do with that. Allowing money to be the deciding factor shows how influential the devil is. I’m still trying to figure out how money had anything to do with this situation. It seems to me like it took years for a mother’s prayers to be answered, yet the devil still has some say so in the matter. Its ridiculous and so far from what is right.

  • http://blaclace.wordpress.com blaclace

    For the mother to make a statement that she’s just in it for the money makes me see why Carlina/Nejdra is distant. Shame

    • Upt-DC

      Exactly. Now that she knows the truth it wont change in heart. If another lady popped up and was proven to be my birth mother who’s to say there would be an instant bond. They have to have more in common than blood.

  • Damn Shame

    Nothing surprises me anymore…this world puts the “E” in EVIL…damn shame

  • Dr. Phil

    I will help them.

    • The Truth 4 Liars

      Someone should! I can’t even begin to imagine how her birth mother felt when her child was taken and when she finally got her back. I can’t say that she was wrong for expecting the best from the situation, but she shouldn’t be criticized for feeling the way she does. Yes, the daughter may be overwhelmed, shocked, etc, but running back to the people you have trusted since birth isn’t the best idea. How can anyone say that they would go back to a place that has been a lie? How can anyone truly understand the love of a parent if they aren’t one themselves? Close your mouth to things you don’t truly understand.

  • Ch77vy

    So sad the world is turning to a world of capatialization. Everybody trying to get a payday nowadays. What a happened to the happy ending? Im sure her head is spinning, but she needs to understand the emotional roller coaster she is putting her real and ex family thru. On her parents going thru the money I don’t see a issue. Mom right they had to live. Who would have really thought she would see her child again. Hell after about ten years it’s a wrap. I would have spent the money too…

    • The Truth 4 Liars

      Thank you!

  • soulful

    The parents split that money 23 years ago and put a little in a trust til Carlina/Nendra turned 21.

    So, all the woman wanted was money. She better look into suing the State of NY and Conneticut (sic), if she’s looking for some compensation.

    Her bio-parents where never SURE that she would return, let alone show up 23 years later.

    Write a book, be an advocate for children with like situations & go on speaking tours, if you’re so desperate for money.


    • Jay

      I agree and I think that Carlina has picked up some over her other mothers crooked ways. You can’t live with a mental person all your life without picking up some of those habits. I don’t think her biological family is trying to rush her into a relationship with them they just want to get to know her. Carlina’s other mother proble got in her head and said you can make some money off this. She should not go after her biological parents that money was there for pain and suffering. Why would she be so cold to them about money? She just got that Pettway in her and it sounds like her real family are not that way. They all should just move on from the situation and if Carlina wants a relationship she knows where they are she is a grown woman now.


    first of all that money was no for the daughter. that money was and intended to compensate the parents for losing there baby. who in your right mind going to say oh i have money for your baby that u lost. the parents could have use some of that money, to try and find her daughter. those parents should not be expected to do anything else. the daughter is grown and she can sue the goverment for not informing her of being kidnapped.

  • free

    the best outcome the real parents could hope for was achieved–they have been reunited with their daughter. they can sleep at night knowing she is alive and well.

    anything else is extra. the curiosity that caused her to search all these years will eventually bring her back around. they need to give her time and space.

    • luVn_liFe

      @ free.. very good point of view, i do Agree

  • Louisiana Lover

    Carlina is prolly jus torn between both families

    This shouldnt have anythg to do with money. $750,000 really aint tht much money & was prolly gone within 5yrs.

    Carlina needs to establish a relationship with her BIRTH mtr. I can only imagine the PAIN & TORTURE tht woman went thru after having her dtr abducted from her arms at a hospital

    Tht hospital got off cheap! They shoulda been shut down!!!

  • Superior ONE!!!

    And you wonder why they don’t put these kind of stories out on the mainstream media, this shi t is SICK!

  • Mabel

    Everybody always want a happy ending, life isn’t a fairytale written to build fantasies in a child’s head. Very rarely do these reunion situations lead to happily ever after. For them, I wish the utmost best. They are complete strangers to each other and need to take things very slowly. The mother should not be speaking so accusatory about the daughter especially to the media.

    • Belinda

      She Hurt, Can you imagine finding out your child is alive and then she quit talking to you.

  • theone

    It just goes to show that the woman who raised her taught her about GREED because she was greedy when she took her from her real parents! Now the daughter wants the money! Really??? A mess!

  • angie

    The whole situation is scandalous. even if Carlina will only speak to media if they pay her, I don’t think that’s a problem. I actually have a problem with the mother; because, of course Carlina is going to have issues, considering she was raised her whole life with the family she’s with and has all kinds of emotions. I feel like if, Her birth mother truly beleived that her daughter was alive, she would’ve left a portion, incase the return of her daughter. The fact(if indeed it is a fact) that she speaks to her father consistently, speaks volumes about how the relationship between all of them is developing.

  • sportstalk23

    I believe that other family has put a bug in that girl’s ear as well. The whole reason why Carlina looked for her birth parents because she didnt feel at all like she fit in with the others. Also I there aint going to be instant were a family now. Notice she has bonded with the father,probably because growing up there was none in her life as opposed to the presence of the fake momma. On top of that I have noticed lately with these kidnapped stories that the kids seem to gravitate towards their kidnappers than the birth parents,even after folks been convicted locked up. So it doesnt surpise me of this turn of events. I feel for the birth mother,someone steals ur kid and she pops back up only to turn her back on you after reuniting, like she’s lost the kid twice


    everything is about money its what makes the world go round .banking off a situation like this is low but i absoloutly think she should be paid for her story just like that other girl and they make hella off them stories so yeah ….and i think she prob has alot of emotion point blank they raised her from birth and that is her family … even if it was a family birthed out of crime

  • VA666

    Why is everyone so quick to jump on the bandwagon and judge “Carlina” greedy just because of the birth mother’s accusations? Don’t forget, she is only speculating as to why, in her eyes, Carlina is being distant. And also, don’t forget that Carlina’s relationship with her birth father seems perfectly fine. There are probably other reasons why she is choosing not to pursue a close relationship with the birth mother. I agree with the poster who wrote that the mother is being irresponsible for venting to the media this way. This type of behavior shows what type of person she probably is, which might even be part of the reason her daughter wants nothing to do with her.

    • The Real Truth Teller

      Great post and I so agree with you and the other poster with what you say about the birth mother.

  • Help the people!

    Elizabeth Smart was gone for 9 months and was on everything from Oprah to Nancy Grace. Now I don’t know if she got paid but I’m willing to bet she did. Why don’t they just give the girl a chance to adapt to all that’s going on. Damn!

  • bb

    Carlina want money she need to sue the fooockin FBI who ignored the tip that someone sent in. She need to sue the hospital for emotional distress, but that ungrateful no good heifer need to live her mama alone. That money they gave her parents was for her parents loss at the time. Her mother and father made a choice to start up the fund. They didn’t have to. She only fighting with her moither who has been under all this stress for no reason other than she carlina is greedy. Carlina is one of those kids you just wish they could keep being lost. Greediness is ugly! Hold your head up mama it will be fine. Better move on with your life cause carlina ain’t studing you. She got her other family and she carlina is the lucky one.! Men I ain’t making no kids!

  • 233rd whiteplains

    Carlina is a hunry money bytch. i felt sorry for the chic , but for her to leavebecause of money, she might as-well go back to that family in georgia… greedy bytch

  • 233rd whiteplains

    just kidding . the girl has been through alot. i dont know how i would feel knowing that my moms is not my moms…

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Moms should jus step back,before she have a nervous breakdown.Carlina is not only money hungry,she’s Ungrateful!

  • Lady A

    Her biological mama just wants money. If her biological father is talking to her daily and is having no problem why would she reject her biological mother? Maybe she feels like she is betraying the woman who raised her even though she knows the woman who raised her was wrong she still loves her. It’s just a hard thing to deal with. I am praying for them all.

    • aaaaaaaaa

      Fact: long lost fathers are usually able to make up with daughters than sons

      Fact: long lost mothers are usually able to make up with sons than daughters

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Her biological mom shouldnt have to kiss her a**,she gave her life.Carlina dont owe her mom anything, but she could try to bond with her at least.She’s a Beautiful girl,but so ungrateful!

    • The Real Truth Teller

      You don’t a damn thing about Carlina,so why would you feel she’s ungrateful when you don’t know ish about her.Carlina hasn’t said damn thing about this issue.You also don’t know ish about her birth mother.

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