Why Sex Isn’t Selling As Much These Days

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Does sex still sell?

I’m pretty young, but when I think back to the ‘90s, pretty much a huge chunk of my childhood, sex in music and film (but maybe not in literature) was pretty vague, as I’m sure it was for most people growing up before the new millennium. We weren’t hidden like we were living in the ‘50s, but as a child there was still the possibility that you would stay in the dark about what songs “really” meant. Not until you were a teenager did you have that epiphany, during which your ears would finally hear what was “really” being said to you, and only then did it connect to your brain.

But nowadays, everything is explicit. It’s such a risk to ride in a car with your elders listening to the radio because a commercial about condoms comes on and makes things awkward. And if that doesn’t, there’s always that song about making love faces and taking your panties off, breaking ‘ol girl’s back, and forcing things to fit and on and on. The lack of decorum has desensitized us.

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  • samech


  • Nana

    @Well… U forgot Men doing animals and men doing pies….smfh

  • mr.make.ya.feelgood


  • Curious Misses

    S.e.x isn’t selling because there is more to life than sex.

    People have real problems going on in their lives. Sell them a solution to their problems and I bet they’ll pay attention.

  • JaZzIe91

    Damn Trey look hella good in that pic!

    Oh and everything else y’all commenters said. LOOL

    • The Alchemist

      Thats cuz half his face is hidden.

    • JaZzIe91


  • Iguessso

    Okay, I thought it was just me. I’m sick of seeing it everywhere. Nothing is sacred anymore.

    • EMee

      I know, right?

  • Jenifer

    Turn the station to a white station. They don’t play as much garbage music as blacks or listen to some jazz.

  • niquegyrl

    I agree. Certain things should stay behind closed doors. We speak on it so much that kids younger and younger arent taking their sexuality seriously. We really should spend a little more time supporting the artists that speak on love and purity.


  • Curious Misses

    You see what I’m saying . . .

    5 minutes of pleasure can = a lifetime of pain.

  • Curious Misses


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