Twitter Files: Star Jones Claps Back At NeNe With Classy, Obvious Subliminals

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Star Jones NeNe Leakes Celebrity Apprentice

NeNe must have forgotten she was out of her arena when she tried to go at Star Jones.

And now she has her response… Which Star swears won’t start drama… but anything NeNe touches is drama-filled. So here goes round… we really haven’t been paying that much attention, so we’ll say 3.

Star Jones @StarJonesESQ Twitter

But let’s not forget: Star Jones grew up in Jersey. Which means she has at least one relative willing to take it there with NeNe. Enter Star’s sister Sheila.

Sheila Jones Star Jones Twitter

We have no doubt that if this were an actual fight in the hood, Star and her people would win. But here’s how Ms. Jones is winning now: while NeNe is out there looking like the Queen Hoodrat, Star is raising awareness to a good cause.

Flip the page to see how.

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