SMH: NeNe Has Lost Her Damn Mind… And She Probably Thinks She’s Winning

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NeNe Leakes

Who knew Geritol Greg withdrawals could make you go crazy?

While NeNe’s been blowing up her Star Jones beef, sources close to Celebrity Apprentice and Star are saying that this nut-a** chick beefed with every Black woman on the show, including the great Dionne Warwick.

“NeNe is coming unhinged,” a source close to Star tells me, adding that during taping the Atlanta ‘Housewife’ made La Toya Jackson cry and even got in the face of singing legend Dionne Warwick.

But it’s her beef with Star that is particularly nasty, my source reveals. “Clearly, she can’t get along with women, especially other black women. She is losing it.”

(If you’re taking notes, the women in the cast include Hope Dworaczyk, La Toya, Star, NeNe, Marlee Matlin, Lisa Rinna, Niki Taylor and Dionne.)

For her part, NeNe isn’t waiting for the show to begin to make known her hatred for Star. During a visit to ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ she tried her best to hold her tongue with limited success.

“I’m not feeling Star Jones, I’m sorry. I gave her a chance when I first got there, I did,” she told Wendy, later adding, “I wouldn’t spit on Star if she was on fire.”

Of course, the feeling is mutual, but a friend of Star’s tells me the former ‘View’ co-host will rise above the negative. That said, she feels that NeNe could be a physical threat to her, so she has hired her own private security guards.

“Star is a real celebrity, not some cheap reality star who is enjoying 15 minute of fame,” the friend says. “She’s a lawyer and a lady. NeNe can say what she wants about Star, but she doesn’t care now that she knows she’s safe.”

All this upcoming drama isn’t lost on NBC or ‘Apprentice’ honcho Donald Trump, who couldn’t be more excited.

“This is the most dramatic season of ‘The Apprentice’ ever. It might just be the best TV catfight of all time,” a show source tells me. “Donald Trump loved it. He’s no fool. He knows that this sort of drama is TV gold.”

Sadly, from the pics of her recent NYC trip, it looks like crazy is paying off for NeNe.

Sidenote: we want Jennifer Williams to have a better taste in friends.


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  • Do more reading

    WHY do yall women even like NeNe?? If she got in ur face would u back down like that white girl or smack her real nose back on? I dont get it. I would think u would want to avoid the drama she brings but when I read these sites, she is the favorite…not Candy? WOMEM will never understood…

    • Allie

      Ummm do you see the previous comments, i think most of us can agree that nene definitely isn’t the favorite on the show


    she needs to ‘INVISILINE’ those horrid Mr. Ed chompers!
    jeez louise, they’re tragic!:mrgreen:

  • *~h!$ c00k!3~*

    Lol… LaToya Jackson being a legend…..since when??

    • CAN AM

      By her family’s affiliation. That would include all of the immediate Jacksons.

  • if anything be noble

    A lot of people live their whole lives not being able
    to get along with people, not being able to make real friends. (“I wouldn’t spit on her if she was on fire”?? Really? Who says that?) And we’ll see more and more of it in this generation of girls who have “Princess” above their beds and on their tshirts and on their nightstands and on their backpacks and on their blankets and on their pencils and around their necks… They really are taught to believe they’re the princess. Chileplease git off the stage.

    • likostar

      Lol. All these “Princesses” out here who wont “Settle”…..
      The Spinster Generation




  • Uguess

    Hey look someone let NeNe borrow a louie V. She’s a block head I liked her better when she didn’t take herself so seriously.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....LET'S STOP THE STUPIDITY IN 2011

    Eh…. I am over it!!

  • Jenifer

    Big @ss horse teeth. Somebody lied, somebody lied. She needs to sit down and reevaluate her life. She tries to talk proper and even has changed her walk – now she walks like a drag queen. I think she’s intimidated or jealous of people that are more successful than her.

  • STAR

    This is why they are paying this black chick to act as ignorant as possible to make all black women look bad and to promote that image to America. For those of you that back her, think about that the next time you look for a job and wonder why you didn’t get it. One makes it hard for all of us. She is selling us all out with her obnoxious behavior. These are the ones that always wanted to fight you after school.

    • ROBBIE

      The actions of ONE person does not define a whole race of people and those who think that it does are delusional. smdh

  • Leelee

    Love her or hate her, the chick sells tv. All those haters will keep hating while she fills her pockets. She might be ghetto, but she’s getting paid to act a fool.

    • lola

      how does she make money when she is sent packing off the show? THink my dear friend.

  • truth hurts

    NeNe knows exactly what she is doing. This is all a ploy to extend her 15 minutesof fame. She is trying to get her own show like Bethany of NY housewife has done. NeNe is not stupid. Remember society rewards bad behavior!

  • Cakes

    This woman needs some damn medication, a psychologist, and anger management…tired of her running around and bullying people. Thats not Grown folk behavior…She is going to mess with the wrong person soon.

  • Amc

    Nene is on minute 14 of her 15 mins of fame… she justs trying to strech out another min or two lol

  • XMAN

    This mud duck really make Black women look bad, sadly she reflects what people think about Black women internationally. She is unattractive from the inside out.

  • brooklyn

    Ne Ne Leaks is a bird oh my bad a big a$$ bird smdh i wish her 15 minutes would hurry up

  • Brother Jones


    Are you serious about Neneandithal keeping it real???

    She bullies only women she thinks are smaller and weaker than her case in point….big bad azzed Nene got humble when the RHOBH checked her on the trash she was talking about them and their plastic surgery letting her know that she sounded silly after she herself had lippo, nose job, breast reduction and horse teeth extraction surgeries. Your “Keeping it real” hero backed down and in her fake azz man voice said she never said such a thing. Sorry to say they had the clip of her horse azz saying it so keeping it real…not cause keeping it real would have been to say “I said it, got a problem with it” no she punked out cause she’s a coward when someone steps to her big azz…Keeping it real…lol

  • Brother Jones

    I honestly have a question if any of you mind answering it honestly:

    Nene plays up to every stereotype White America has placed on black women which is so unfair, untrue and ridiculous in this day and age when the woman with the highest profile in America is a stunning black woman who steps on each and everyone of them..yet you say let Nene get her shine, she getting paid, stop hating etc..

    Yet if you took her same character and placed her on a show comprised of a majority white women acting the same exact way the NAACP, Sharpton and damn near every black woman I know would have a problem with it, call it racism, say they trying to make black women look bad, call her a sellout for taking the role in the first place and tell her she’s doing black women a disservice….but since its a black show its okay I guess???

  • MzFitt

    She will only get worse! Each season makes these “reality” folks believe their own hype. These shows are set up to make you fail because if you’re not showing your azz, they won’t invite you back. And, of course the majority of folks want to come back for the money. In the end, they usually end up divorced, bitter and angry at the world and the list goes on and on! These are some unhappy folks. Nene’s ego has got the best of her and she thinks it’s never her fault! She would never admit it, but she’s very unhappy!

  • Brother Jones

    Its hard enough on black women as it is, not enough black women behind the scripting of whats seen on tv so though there are some strong roles and examples of black women out there there still aren’t enough so therefore you’ll see the stereotyped version of black women appear on some show from time to time I understand that…don’t like it but understand and hope it gets better for ya’ll.

  • Brother Jones

    The difference is that Nene and shows like hers supposedly represent real black women not just a role on a sitcom where its seen more as acting.

  • Brother Jones


    She may not be a fool but she’ll act one for the right price, fame and attention fulfilling every damn stereotype about black women in the process to White America’s delight and her pocket…I guess the next reality show will be “The Real Baby Daddies Of South Central” where some brotha will have a Impala on 24’s, swig 40’s, toss cash at strippers, smoke pounds of weed and not spend any money on his kids or pay child support….I’m sure White America would love to see that as well since it would serve to cement their stereotyped of black men…and I’m sure you could find some white exec somewhere to foot the bill and compensate the brother handsomely to act as ignorant as possible….would that still be acceptable to you dear…get a clue dear and think past your temporary chuckling and on something that takes thought…..

  • Really

    And we all thought Sheree was just being a mean girl when she labeled Nene as “riff-raff” and didn’t want her at her party.

  • ThatBKChick

    I am not going to front. At first I thought Nene was cool and “kept it real” but now she is real annoying and she has an opportunity to turn her life around for the better. I don’t know if she is trying to be the new “Armaorosa” or what…but Nene give it a damned break and get your stacks before you “cut of what’s left of your nose to spike your face”.

  • MyReason

    @Brother Jones
    Even if we never saw NeNes face on tv again, unfortunately it would NOT change the negative stereotypes that have been tacked onto black women for the past 100 yrs. These images/beliefs are too entrenched in the American psyche and are more deeply rooted in our people’s OWN image of themselves-thus we take offense to it. NeNe is the figurative mirror for all we perceive as ill in our people. But the bigger issue is that “we too heavily rely and allow OTHERS to ‘represent’ us to begin with.”-Malcolm X. NeNe doesn’t represent me, and I don’t feel as if her existance enhances or takes away from anyones preconceived idea about black people.

  • Brother John


    1st off were talking about the way stereotypes of black women on television affect black women in the real world so damn everybody else.

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