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Drake and Rihanna On Stage At The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards 2011

Rihanna tried her damnedest to transform her awkward crotch dance into the dutty whine for Drizzy last night.

It made for some pretty hilarious moments, which you can see below. But this one has got to be our favorite by far.

If you could give each of them a though/talk bubble, what would Drizzy and Rihanna be saying??


  • ImMe


    • Kyra

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    • Angee

      LMAOOO @ khalifa. stink cooch. hahahha. OMG you ain’t never lie.

  • ladyinblue

    Drake’s face takes the cake! *saying it 5x fast*

    • Smart Black Chick

      the grammys was clean and decent this year but of course rihanna and drake had to add some vulgarity and demonic forces into a night of music.

      Rihanna = certified TRAMP


  • kyle

    lol @ lop, rihanna seems so big and awkward everytime she trys to dance, she doesnt seem in tune wih her body and how to move it plus she has no timing

  • purple love

    Beyonce, it is time

  • nymphis

    No rhythm rihanna
    Dancing like she’s got on headphones listening to somethin other than what we’re hearing

  • Amber

    Rihanna did GOOD last night I think she can dance and sing GOOD!

  • Brittany

    i dont think she did that bad i just wish she would stop throwing her crotch all in the damn camera..yeesh

  • Marilyn

    She sounded decent. She sounded as good as any of those other ladies on stage. Maybe except Janelle who sounded pretty good even though I didn’t like the song she was singing.

  • Nana

    Bwhhaahahahhahahahaahahaahaaa @yoli….too funny

  • Entoon

    Drake: I want to bite it!

    rih: i want u to lick it!

    Rihanna did good to me. she sang better too! I bet Breezy was somewhere chokin da chicken and havin flashbacks! LOL!

  • Chelly

    This performance was on point if u ask me!!! Drake and Rihanna all day!!! Heard Rihanna was sick and almost cancelled would I’ve been disappointed cause I love the song what’s my name!!!!

  • G.M.

    caption: Drake bustin a nut just at the sight of it lol

  • Anonymous

    @Marilyn, Rihanna sounded as all of WHAT other ladies?!? The opening act showed everybody what real singing is all about!! But I did notice for the first time that Rihanna can’t really move her body! That was the stiffest duttywhine I’ve seen.

  • Demilicious


  • HANNIBAL 2.0


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