Who Looked More Bangin??? Coupled Up Edition

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The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on February 13

Heidi Klum, Seal, and his black painted fingernails attended the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards as well as LL Cool J and his wife Simone.

Which Couple Looked More Bangin???


  • Tiphanie

    OF COURSE!!! LL & his wife!!! Not that Otha fool & his becky…

    • just me_sunflower

      It must be hard, living such hateful life…
      They’re both very successful, they’re togehter for ages, have 3 children together….envy much?
      I don’t like Seals outfit, Heidi looks nice as always. The other two: So staged, her dress in nice tho.

    • Laura

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      ll is on the DL and Heidi looks like Ellen …Seal is mad ugly and she married him for his large peeen her words neither

    • samech


    • samech

      LL & his wife looks the best….ride or die chick……

  • ShortStuff

    Both couples are okay honestly…heidi dress is pretty so is ll’s wife but LL look like he ready to bust out that suit any minute….& seal um button up ya shirt & we b cool…other than that its a tie for me

  • Angela

    LL Cool J and Simone.

  • blackking7

    Heidi kost her looks fast! She look like an very average white woman and he is BLAH! SO Ll and his wife ofcourse.

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    • WhatIThink

      Yes, yes yes, the whole planet is made up of beautiful people. Poor seal and Heidi. **eyeroll**

  • Jay

    Heidi and Seal win this one,

    • foxy lady

      u must be blind in one eye with cataracts in the other! Go smoke some weed and I bet u will change your answer, cause u are seeing 2 good with that answer!!!

  • Amber

    LL Cool J and his wife Simone!!!! They look Good together!!!!

  • Muffy

    Heidi and seal always look so in love. LL is barely embracing his wife. They look like they have issues.

  • Fl to Va chick

    Not feelin that look Seal..too much Johnny Cash and pimp mix up! L.L. and his wife looked great.

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    Ick y did Heidi cut her hair?


    Heidi is sooooo overrated in beauty, I’ve never understood what was all the hype surrounding her, she’s very average looking even in her younger days she was never that drop dead gorgeous.

    • foxy lady

      It’s always like that with the with girls. They can look average and be called beautiful, when the black women can be most beautiful and they will be considered average!!!!

    • foxy lady

      CORRECTION: it’s always like that with the WHITE GIRLS!


    heidi looks 65 with her hair up like that.
    ll & his wife have been together so long they look like siblings. ew. they even have the same nose. how weird is that?
    her flabbo arms don’t go with his rock hard physique. jussayin. ;-)

  • maky

    ll is on the DL and Heidi looks like Ellen …Seal is mad ugly and she married him for his large peeen her words neither

  • star

    Neither, where’s Will & Jada?

    • foxy lady

      Will and Jada are somewhere studing Sciencetology and besides Jada is so skinny she would have probably disappeared in the picture!!!

  • Nana

    Heidi and LL cool J……

    Seal…..NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OK

    Seal and Heidi are absoulutely disgusting. Everyone I know HATES them.

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