The Ray Hitch Show: Main Thing Destroying Black Community Is… [Video]

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  • LMAO


  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    That’s like number 2…

    In my humble opinion it’s the “ghetto mentality/mindset” that’s destroying the Black Community…

    The “lessers” of our race are influencing those that have been raised better, come from good homes and d@mn near everybody else…

    The dysfunctional & ignorant mentality/mindset that the “lessers” or our race have are now being seen as acceptable when they are NOT!!!

    In no other race are the “lessers” influencing the decent, more intelligent & well-to-do ones of the race…

    Black Women are picking up bad behaviors & traits from hoodrats and Black Men are acting like thugs/criminals…

    Black Men MUST do better and Black Women MUST choose better!!!

    *drops the mic*…

    • Chaka1

      I agree with you 100% I have been complaining about this since 1994 when we went from being Afro-centric to ghetto-fabulous. The ghetto is anything but fabulous and was glamorized at our expense. We are still paying for this. Remember when some idiots wanted to legitimize ebonics?

    • super steph!

      totally agree…personally im think there needs to be some education reform! lol… kids not from the inner cities, maybe mostly white kids idk idc, expect from a young, young age to be going to college after school and theyre basically planning their lives around that from elemtary school. im not sure if its a lack of information, a lack of resources for planning your future, bad influences or what but i think if children expect from a young age to go to school and have a career…they wouldnt default to trying to have a family too young, or violence etc 🙂 just my 2 cents

  • jdmann

    It’s not kids having kids it’s our focus. The Bible says where there is no vision the people perish. The system keep us destabilized so we are not proactive we are always reacting.

    • yt

      It’s not the ‘system’, it’s the people the black community have chosen to represent them who work to have the government uplift the black race as a collective, smothering individual aspirations.

    • jdmann

      The system and the govt are two different things. The govt is a product of a system built to protect the interest of rich yt men.

    • yt

      Not really, Barack Obama got elected President.

      Here’s a thought to consider – it’s more likely that one of the few thousand black men brought up in Hawaii would become President then one of the several million black men raised in the black intellectual-led communities.

    • Curious Misses

      I agree with you jdmann. There is a lack of vision. We have the blind leading the blind. The product? The youth of today.

  • Hannibal


  • Easthigh

    This dried up stereotype is so old,every hack swears they have the cure for the black condition.Truthfully there is nothing wrong with the black community.He witnessed a mall full of young black mothers OK great.Somewhere in the other forty nine states there is a mall full black women with college degrees and no children.Stop believing the stereotype we will not all rise as one happy people we will leave some “brothers & sisters” behind. There are no more black leaders lead yourself through education.Build wealth stop listening to these fools YouTube rants.

    Get a clue people rappers are fake,cars are a bad investment.Tax evasion and black flight in urban communities causes blight and crime.More African Americans have degrees now than anytime in American history.If you believe a chuckle head in a red leather jacket with a fuzzball cap has even one answer to your problems i have some Bear Stearns stock to sell you.Grow up quit eating what the media feeds you stop defending and condemning actions that are not your own.There is a paycheck to be had in causing division amongst people.

  • Li

    He made alot of sense. I just wish blacks put more energy into mentoring black youth & young adults instead of constantly talking about the problems all the time and for the love of God, stop mentioning God in one sentence and using profanity in the next sentenc such as B#@#!H and S@#T!…SMH.

  • grumpymonkey


  • YoungCosby

    Why is my comment not getting posted??!!

  • YoungCosby

    I meant “BORED”


    You made some good points but um you also talkin out your neck. Your Dad died of AIDS so you always used condoms,then you said you at 19,20 tried to have a baby. Your Mom would have done a better job had she waitd to have kids.Yet you have a 100 thousand in the bank a house and a couple of cars. I guess 100 million is what you feel is successful. PLEASE SIR COME AGAIN!

  • cordarius

    Oh you guy shut f*ck up, this guy is a 100% correct.

  • Teal_Blade

    is…Rosa Acosta

  • resurrected

    I agree with him saying about children having children. There children have no idea what is take to keep a family together. They have no idea about what real self worth is outside of sex. There are not thinking about how to picking their partners properly. I see so many young partners with children as if they are doll babies. Now you got children graduating from high school with a least 3 children. I am turning 32 this weekend and am still waiting for the right situation to have a family not just children.

  • resurrected

    On top of that children mimic what they see you do more then what you choose to talk to them about so these young parents having babies are only creating a lagecy of children who will also have babies at very young ages as well.

  • I love love an Asian Man

    Pro-life and pro-choice make women become more irresponsible… that’s why I am all about pro-prevention!

    Let start a pro-prevention movement!

  • Big Real

    Ray Hitch I understand what you’re saying about the having a baby, at a young age. How can you raise a child when you have yet to even figure out who you are as a person, and grow from wisdom, which only comes in time, but it’s a double edge sword right now. There is a since of priority on your subject, and one other. That is the black population. We are declining in numbers, which is killing our voice. It takes a village to raise a child, and we need more babies. At this particular time we need a strategy which embraces our mistakes, and use them to our advantage, But more babies are needed. You do have a point, and once we are back part of the population we should embrace your thoughts.

  • Kyra

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  • The Cynic

    I didn’t even mention gender…

  • Curious Misses


  • Curious Misses

    I agree with you. All of the above is true and I see a detrimental pattern of the people you speak of turning a blind eye to the truth.

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