Knuck If You Buck

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Lil girls are scrapping more and more over boys. One little wheffah busted the other girl’s face all the way up with some old school brass knuckles out in Killer Cali:

A dispute over a boy prompted a teenage girl to beat a romantic rival with a pair of brass knuckles, leaving the victim with broken bones and her face permanently disfigured, police said Wednesday. “They both looked like All-American girls, which was surprising to us,” said Lt. Jeff Pinney. “Usually you see brass knuckles used by gang members, not young girls.” He said Lynsie Elizabeth Caldwell, 18, of Hemet was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a dangerous weapon, infliction of great bodily injury, mayhem and torture. She was being held on $525,000 bail. The attack occurred Aug. 31 at a party where Caldwell encountered the 17-year-old victim, police said. “These two had a dispute for the last several months over a boy,” Pinney said. “So Caldwell finds the victim at the party, produces the brass knuckles and proceeds to pummel her repeatedly even after she was down.” The victim suffered facial fractures, a broken nose and numerous lacerations requiring stitches, Pinney said. “It’s amazing to me that they still sell brass knuckles,” Pinney said. “They are illegal to possess, but are still sold at specialty shops.”

Hemet is as gritty a city as any in North Dakota. Do you think the boy is going to give her some play when she gets out from serving a torture sentence?



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