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keyshia cole and baby at cavs game

Here are some pics that Keyshia Cole tweeted of herself with lil baby “Boobie” at the Cleveland Cavs game last night.

Awww…look at him…he’s so cute, rocking the same footwear as Evelyn and Chad Ochocinco.


  • Laura

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  • Something

    he’s not cute

    • 850

      He is a cutie u could have keep that comment to yourself!


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....LET'S STOP THE STUPIDITY IN 2011

    I love her outfit! He got big fast! How old is he now?

  • Lisa

    They make a cute family, now when are they getting married.

  • royalty


  • Mzmystic

    @something, and neither are you for saying something like that about someones baby. You probably got your name from somebody trying to figure out what you are because you look like “SOMETHING” that’s not human

    • 850

      OK I agree well “said”! That baby is a cutie…..

  • Digital

    Interesting looking kid. Umm yeah that is all I am going to say.

  • wtfever

    Cute happy family! I wish them all the best!


    He’s gonna grow up to resent his mother naming him:BOOBIE
    Then of course…what would you expect from some “ghetto fab” dressin’ r&b hack?

    • chrissy

      he is a jr that is his daddy’s name….smdh….


    that pic is almost IDENTICAL to a pic i took with my daughter when she was that age (except 4 the crazy rabbit foot of course, lol). her cutie-patootie even has the same ‘gerber baby’ cheeks my girl had.
    i recognize the glow in keyshia’s smile. that joy is irreplaceable. i hope she enjoys every minute of it.
    good for her.🙂

  • Something

    I can really give a damn what anyone of you think. he isnt cute to me. because hes ababy i cant call him ugly go to hell

    • ..


    • ..

      ok, i don’t think he’s “ugly” but i hate that stupid mohawk hair on anybody!!!!!!!!every baby not gonna be beautiful. Thats why most of the comments says “cute family”.

  • sweetp1984

    Keysha is really pretty.

  • jdmann

    The baby looks like he’s destined for success.

  • daisy jay

    Her son looks just like her.

    D@mn…uhm…to any of you that watched Keyshia’s show…the paternity episode…where Frankie thought Keyshia was probably part Italian…why do I feel like she might be? Maybe I’m on drugs, but I keep getting this feeling that Keyshia is not full black. It’s not even about skin color. I don’t know, I could be on drugs…

    Keyshia… Don’t get me wrong, you look great…but I need you to know something: If the shoes don’t fit, DON’T WEAR THEM! Those are definitely cute shoes, but your toes are holding on for dear life!

  • daisy jay

    My comment is awaiting moderation? For what!? Okay let me try to revise and…summarize…

    1. The kid looks just like her
    2. I keep getting this feeling that Keyshia is not full black. It’s not even about color… Maybe she IS part italian after all
    3. Keyshia, your shoes are too small sweetie. Your toes are hanging on for dear life.

  • angie

    Cute Keyshia!!!

  • webcam jobs

    love the mowhawk

  • destiny white

    He is cute. His name is Daniel, nickname Boobie like his dad. Keyshia is rich and I’m sure she doesn’t give a crap about how ghetto anyone thinks she is. Cute baby, cute family. Congratulations Keyshia!

  • jjjj


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