Permed Up Al Gets Convicted

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Permed Up Al Sharpton was convicted of disorderly conduct for protesting the Sean Bell case:

A New York judge has convicted the Rev. Al Sharpton of disorderly conduct during protests over a police shooting and sentenced him to time served. Criminal Court Judge Larry Stephen issued the verdict Wednesday against Sharpton and seven other activists. Sharpton has already served 5 1/2 hours in jail. About 250 protesters were arrested in May for blocking bridges, tunnels and intersections in response to the police killing of Sean Bell on his wedding day. Most of the cases were dismissed, but Sharpton and his co-defendants had insisted on a trial. Sharpton testified Monday that the protests were peaceful, saying: “We wanted to stop violence, not cause violence.”

This whole situation is f*cked. A reverend and a slew of others get convicted for peacefully protesting the acquittal of some murderous cops. SMH. When is it going to stop being ok for crooked cops to kill Black people??


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