Drake Is In Touch With His “Softer Side”…Rocks Animal Print Shirt To Hollyweird Party

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drake leopard shirt nicki weezy

Drake, Nicki Mianj, and Lil Wayne attended a party in Hollyweird last night where Aubrey showcased his “wild side” rocking an animal print shirt under his sports coat.

Are y’all feelin Drizzy’s leopard steez????

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  • purple love

    Nicki u almost 30 let the fish face go

    • rachel

      Drake looks like an “Old School Pimp”, and “Eva Pigford looks like a “Complete Idiot” will someone from her camp please give her a mirror to look at the next time she decides to go out with FLO.

    • Kyra

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    • Laura

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      by the way eva pigford shhhhytttted on dem, seriously she lookded gooooood she shyyyyyted on them its like she had diareahha the way she was looooking goood on these other females. TEN OUT OF TEN

  • Tired of Bossip

    why is Lil Wayne’s neck to fat? -_-

    • MacMoon

      Maybe he has a goiter.

    • janky

      You know how bullfrogs throats get all huge then they croak? There it is.

      He still sounds like a bullfrog right?

    • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

      He might have some new unheard of std infection. His lymph nodes are swollen due to production of more antibodies.

  • HoustonGirl

    Drake just come out the closet already.

  • buggin_out

    this dude got the full-on zest face working

  • Kadisha

    Wtf is natalie nunn on her for.. Fail… Banana face…….

  • G.M.

    Drake gay as fucc in that shirt…and natalie nunn with that chin looks like Mac Tonight from the old McDonald mascot commercials lol


    who nicki looks pale as hell….she is fairer than Drake….stop the bleaching fools…its soo obvious!

  • Royal

    Nicki really did not need to do all of this skin bleaching, she had a lovely creamy brown complexion before.

  • Getem

    I thought I was the only one that thought she looked like she’s been bleaching. Is this going to be a new thing for all of the celebs?

  • Kadadah

    Nicki needs to stop bleaching…take a look @ all her old YouTube footage from 2yrs ago…she looks like a completely diff. person😦

  • rt

    lol it 2011 and black woman have no identity anymore black woman wearing blond hair and bleaching skin lol it over black woman being ashmed of being black

  • Kalifa

    Nicki use to be darker than Drake and darker than Christina Milian. Now she lighter than Christina and is the same complexion as Drake.

  • Bunnie

    Nicki bleaching.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/atyourbest Teal_Blade

    yup Nick-ster’s bleachin!.. I wonder if they allll get alooonggg..lol

  • Mimi

    Nicki’s face is looking whiter and whiter by the minute. Imitating Lil’s kim to the fullest we see…lol

  • kay

    i like drake’s shirt, i would rock it


    i hope u folks know when you wear a lighter hair color it makes youy look lighter especially if youre already light skin… and on top of that she has on make up….. IDIOTS

    • Getem

      Actually colors darker than your skin tone will give you more of a lighter appearance.

    • Natalia

      nah you are the idiot cuz what you said sounds like “dee dee dee”…get the eff out of here trying to clown ppl when you are the one uttering ish

  • Ornie

    Nicki use to be darker than Natalie Nunn now she is lite brite. Smh.



  • Ornie

    @Susie STFU!! Ppl are talking about the fact now that Nicki is more popular and has international fame she is suddenly lighter. She was NEVER this light, admit it!!

  • G.M.

    maybe its just the camera’s lighting that makes nicki look so white

  • you don't know a damn thang ; about jamario

    to say he does housewife dwight proud by wearing the re-dic-q-less shirt is flat out funny. what would NENE think?

  • msdiva

    Nicki is trying to go Hollywood real bad, that’s why the skin is getting lighter all of a sudden. If ppl ony knew what goes on behind the scenes in the industry.

  • britchick91

    How long has Nicki been the same complexion as Drake? Lol at chinderella trying to stay relevant


    YOUNG MONEY! STOP spending money on nickki minaj now, she got the look the plastic surgey did fine its now time to work on drake.
    start him out with ‘
    1. nose job.

    2.lip job please reduced that weight

    3. brings his eyes out, its gone too far bak in his head. dont ypu think?

    (dont tell me thats not possible becuz if u guys found a whole new set of 32 teeth for nicki minaj and not “f” her smile up not one bit) thhen its possible with drake. fix eyes and i bet he cud still blink

    4. his eye brows, just ripp them all off, thats the cheapest of them all, get it permanently removed and get a line accross each eye. make it tina knoweles firce tho cuz u cant take away the fruit look to his face. you have to keep the fruit look going so wen we c it we see its drake

    5. his hair, get him a man lace wig, sumthing sharp no curls tho, he been giving us curls for the longest while now, we want sumthing more than low curls in an afro

    6. make him dark, bleach his skin black like coffee black not tar black tho,
    maybe then ill get the feelingg he a rapper cuz he looks computer tech to me…..so bleach his skin like u toned nicki’z …

    • JaZzIe91


    • Getem


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