Coon Of The Day: Monkey See, Monkey Do-Yung LA Gets A DUCK Tattooed On His Face…

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*Sigh* where do we even begin in addressing this “f**k sh*t”…

Over the weekend former Grand Hustle artist Yung LA aka Futuristic Leland, of “Ain’t I” fame, was video taped in an Atlanta tattoo spot getting a large duck tatted on his face a la his A-Town bredren Gucci Mane. Yes, that’s right, a DUCK ON HIS FACE!

Clearly LA was under the influence of several drugs, including Xanax and promethazine (sizzurp) as he states:

“Like, I don’t know if its the balls, or the drank, but it just feels great. It’s like a massage right now.”

“…it’s action right here everytime you see me, and I’m on the “f**k sh*t on the Xans”

In “talking” about how many tattoos he has Leland says:

“I told Money, I don’t want no shirt on this summer. I wanna go in the sto’ and them folks actually think I got a shirt on!”

We HAVE to do better as a people, the future depends on it. SMH…

Hate It or Love It?!?!

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