RHOA Reunion Part Two Recap

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Show

We love the ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for their no holds barred, larger than life, keep it all the way real (most of the time) personalities.

And they sure do know how to bring the drama. But part one of the reunion show left much to be desired. Luckily the follow-up gave us a tad bit more as Andy poked and pried to get the truth once and for all.

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  • QueenLove

    Sheree was really short with Nene lastnight.

    5,000.00 is what I heard Nene owes her but, honestly all these “housewives” are broke.

  • Amber "im liberated"

    they are all getting so boring. i cant wait till the miami and beverly hills housewives start running again. but as far as these ole dusty broads go. its a done deal. sorry ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • JustAshley

    I got the impression that even the ladies of the show didn’t want to “do this” anymore.

    They just seemed very “blah” and irritated with it all.

  • Allie

    Yea im pretty much done with RHOA, i mean most of them don’t even do interesting stuff, at least the other housewives travel to different countries and things of that nature, but the RHOA housewives just seem to stick to atlanta, they did go to miami but that was it


    HO CARES??????


  • Hypocrites are here

    REAL TALK, you’re a major F@G!!!!

  • Got that Right

    Can’t believe I agree with Nana on somethhng. It’s going to be a great day!!

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