Knockout: Celebs That Like To Fight

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diddy fight main

It’s a shame that there aren’t cell phones around when celebrities fight. All we get are videos of big baby mommas fighting outside of IHOPs or KFC’s. Still, stars do like to get their swing on. Look at these examples for proof.


  • chrsitmas808

    That diddy pic of. Him and nelly is soooo gay I truly believe diddy sleep wit men

    • ceewalk


  • Michael

    Why is Jay on this list. He’s not a fighter,that was just a one time thing……he was just young and dumb

  • Art4love

    Wow. What a fantastic blog you have going for you. I totally enjoyed reading the information on your website. Keep up the great work. I will check back in a week or so for more information.

  • Kristen Guzman

    and s.combs kept holding his krotch area and staring at a buff bright skinned brothah .. they looked at each other some more, next thing we know, we see him go to the bathroom, brothah follows shortly, s.c comes out then brother comes out and from that day on we knew that d is 100% gay

    • Tiny

      Which of diddy’s sons?

  • Kristen Guzman

    and his son that looks JUST LIKE HIM has the fathers illness 2

  • star

    This pic of diddy & nelly screams gay! Look at diddys mouth, how he’s bitting his lip as if he’s getting really turned on. Nelly all on the back of him , what two grown men hold eachother like that?! I know men hug, but this is just alil too intimate looking! Diddy is very gay, homosexuality is apart of the initiation of the illuminati, just get on youtube and type in professor griff & he tells all about this!

  • nicole1221

    lmao why does the add above suge knight’s pic say booya

  • Ok

    Grown men and women fighting. Very juvenile and immature.

  • Tiny

    @ Kristin Guzman… which of diddy’s sons?

  • 1kingd

    from the look on diddy face the only fight that night was should they use a condom or not. diddy biting his lip like nelly is tearing it up

  • Always With Always 4 You

    Don’t get it twisted, Puff will knock a b*#@h the F@#k out! Dude is serious top physical condition. His brain thinks like a chemist, always calculating non stop.

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