New York Slings Sh*t at JHud

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When New York heard that Jennifer Hudson and Punk were engaged, she slung some rather less than subvert insults at your girl:

Don’t expect Tiffany “New York” Pollard to be invited to her former fling David Otunga’s wedding to Jennifer Hudson. The New York Goes To Hollywood star says she’s skeptical about the Dreamgirls actress’ engagement to Harvard Law School grad David, who competed for Tiffany’s affections on I Love New York 2 under the name Punk. “He’s really loving being Mr. Jennifer Hudson. I think he’s loving the lavish things she brings to his life, he’s seeing the world due to Jennifer’s success,” Tiffany tells In Touch. “[But] can you love this person if they lose all of this tomorrow? She needs to find out. I just hope people are marrying each other for the right reasons.” New York’s not optimistic about the couple’s future. “It’s a mixed match, it won’t work,” she says. “He’ll be in her shadow like Al Reynolds was to Star Jones, like Stedman Graham is to Oprah.” There’s also a good reason David wasn’t the right match for Tiffany on I Love New York 2. “When we were in Miami together, he didn’t even try anything [on me]!” she says. “Maybe I wasn’t his type, maybe I wasn’t big enough for him.” “His heart is way big,” Tiffany says of David, who proposed to Jennifer after dating less than a year. “Two weeks ago, I ran into [Jennifer and David] and I didn’t say much,” reveals Tiffany. “I said ‘Goodbye, Punk!’ and she looked at me like ‘What!’ I know his name’s David, but I call him Punk.”

It’s incredibly unsettling, but we might have to agree with New York on this one. Punk stays whoring it up for publicity. He’s proven that he’ll do anything to be seen by pushing all up on New York’s greasy basketball tittays. On that note, we hope JHud had his ass tested.



  • missydaCrunksta

    damn, was i first? lol

  • JoJo69

    I guess non one cares to comment on this post if I am third.

  • corrine

    she is right no and’s if’s or but’s about it!!!

  • Mediocre at best

    I dont think NY is at all worried about it, she just wants to be relevate-which she is not.

  • swoosh


  • Mediocre at best

    I dont think NY is at all worried about it, she just wants to be relevant-which she is not.

  • Kayla

    She is right, but she forgot to point out his drive for fame and being an opportunist.

    She is still a hater and has one of the most nastiest attitudes I have ever seen.

  • Black.Woman

    Mediocre at best(Check me out!)

    I dont think NY is at all worried about it, she just wants to be relevant-which she is not.



  • Ms. Toson

    New York has a talent for attempting to esmaculate a man at a moment’s notice and expects him to just stay around and take it. No man should have to subject himself to that kind of treatment just to make a woman feel “wanted” inspite of all her obvious shortcommings aside from being unattractive. As far as New York’s statement of Otunga only being with J-Hud because of the lavish things that she is providing in his life, how soon she forgets when the shoe was on her foot both times with not only Otunga but with Taylor Made…serious pot calling the kettle black..but then again, Misery (New York) always had loved company at any cost.

  • Ms. T.

    I would pay good money to see J. Hud scratch New York’s skanky eyes out. New York is just hatin because things didn’t work out between her and Tailor Made. Oh well!


  • Lacombe Redbone (Baby R U Ready 2 Luv Me Sexiiii)

    Like Dave Chappelle said,

    “…All i know is that he’s Gay…Gay Gay Gay!”

  • trishaann

    LOL @ the pics

  • pm

    it ann’t hatin if its the truth..

  • Oshie / who lives in a muthaphukkin pineapple under tha muthaphukkin sea?

    This is the first time anything halfway respectable has come out of New York’s mouth.

    I said respectable, not respectful.

  • Yvonne

    New York should be the last one trying to give advice about marrying people for the right reasons.

    IMO, she was only with those men on her show to get publicity to further her so-called career. NY was not complaining when Tailor Made was buying her things and moving into his house and providing for her.

    When I did look at ILNY2 I liked David. He seemed to be a decent man. Why he was on NY’s show remains a mystery to me even to this day.

    I don’t think he is after Jennifer for her money or fame. He has an education and a career, even though I did read he was fired from the law firm he worked at AFTER being on ILNY2.

    I sincerely don’t believe he would be comfortable riding on the coattails of ANY woman.

    We do not know what goes on behind closed doors between them and I am sure he did not force himself on Jennifer. She does not appear to be a stupid woman and if she felt he was not right for her I don’t think she would have let it get this far.

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